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Welcome new members!

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Welcome new members!


Post by mightysparks »

Welcome to the unofficial iCheckMovies forum!

We have a great, friendly community here so don't feel shy about posting straight away. Feel free to introduce yourself here. Don't feel intimidated by the high ranking members and the members with apparently endless film knowledge; everyone here is accepting and friendly and we want to hear from all types of film viewers.

We run monthly challenges and you can find a list of current challenges in the Challenges Index. Feel free to join in as many as you want. They're great for motivation and getting to know other members.

Thinking of keeping a film log? Keep a 2012 Film Log with some of us. Or do you just want to rave about that great movie you just watched? Post here and let us know all about it.

The forum is run by myself and AdamH, and our list of moderators can be found here. Feel free to contact any of us if you have any problems or questions. Note that we are not the admins of the actual iCheckMovies site - this is an unofficial fan forum - though the actual guys behind iCM do post here occasionally.

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What's your least favourite movie?
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What are you listening to right now?
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Post by AdamH »

Needs an update:)