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Does anyone at one time or right now like to list & rate ?

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Joined: May 15th, 2022, 9:30 am

Does anyone at one time or right now like to list & rate ?


Post by peter2 »

Instead of watching anymore movies or tv shows ?

Just asking.

Maybe I am getting old!
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Post by magnusbernhardsen »

I think most people on here will relate to having periods where one spends more time reading about films than watching them.
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Post by 3eyes »

Yes indeed. I, of course, am not merely getting old...

I've never been into rating; my reactions are too subjective. I recommend things to others based on their likely interest in the subject matter.

But I've been making movie lists for at least 40 years, and reading them since childhood (the Parents Magazine Movie Guide was my go-to, and anything that it rated good/excellent for children I wanted to see-- tho my elders didn't always cooperate.)

These days it sometimes takes more fancy handwork that I can manage to make online lists, but I try. And I watch more TV shows than movies. (not always easy to tell the difference.)
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