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Which Films Did You See Last Week? [Week 33, 2022]

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Which Films Did You See Last Week? [Week 33, 2022]


Post by RolandKirkSunglasses »

Onderhond's on holiday but the show must go on. You know the drill.

First, a word from our founder:

"Please share with us which films you saw last week. It would be great if you could include some comments on each film. It would be awesome if you could also take some time to comment on everyone else's viewings. Please also note that this is intended as a movie discussion thread, not a large image posting thread. Having too many large images makes this thread difficult to navigate through. If you wish to include more than five images in a reply, please use spoiler tags - [ spoiler ][/ spoiler ] - to hide extra images." - sol

My films:

Wuthering Heights (1988)
Los Angeles Plays Itself (2003)
I Compagni (1963)
Hamlet (1948)
Three Women Around Yoshinaka (1956)
Miss Sloane (2016)
Scent of Incense (1964)
Les Espions (1957)
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Post by Torgo »

Oh, I almost forgot! Thanks for taking over ..

The Gray Man (2022) (7/10)

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Post by Minkin »

Things are still going downhill for me, and I might have to accept that they won't ever get better, but will only keep getting worse. I'm super scared of everything at this point and barely managing to get by. Movie wise was mostly shorts, which I guess is fine, but nowhere near the amount I was hoping to be at, at this point.
Highlights of the Past Week in my meager existence
-Had scary psychosis where a large black object flew over my head (indoors)
-Made an odd fried cheese meal which was just ho-hum
-Been having alot of scheduling conflicts with my partner lately
-Finally watched the video of a person making the soap I received as a gift (Royalty Soaps)
-Somehow scored free tri-tip + also some pasta randomly as they goofed up our order
-New silly pet project: try all of the Shasta Soda varities
-Had my first peach milkshake of the year (before it's gone)
Corny Casanovas (1952) - USA - Rating: 5/10

The Three Stooges get themselves ready, because they each have a date with their fiancée, who turns out to be the same woman. I do wonder what the fiancée’s line of thinking was here, other than to scam a cheap engagement ring out of each of them. For the Stooges are people that are easily swayable – as they seem like the sort of people who would believe anything you told them, as they don’t exactly have much capability to discern reality from fantasy – so they’d likely go along with any delusion you pitched to them. For it’s revealed that the woman basically just proposed to them on the spot, as they are all excitedly allude to love at first sight. They were probably just excited that a woman even acknowledged their existence, and that alone was enough to make them fall in love with someone, in this rather basic way – where attraction and love are interchangeable. That said, maybe she’s just polyamorous, which would actually be a best case scenario for these three – as I don’t think any of them could live separately from each other as they are that codependent – I mean, hell, in this short it seems like they even share the same bed in their apartment. That said they do say one of the benefits of being married will mean they no longer have to do anymore cleaning, so they’re not exactly fine gentlemen. Anyway, this is all fairly standard Stooge fare, with more violence than jokes, although at one point they use a machine gun, which is probably the last thing they should be entrusted with.
On Guard - Bunco! (1974) - Los Angeles County - Rating: 4/10

Four different bunco games, aka scams are highlighted to warn the public about typical cons. I suppose the four are plausible, but they’re each a tad bit absurd – between not reading what you’re signing, or withdrawing your money from the bank to prove your good intentions to random people. I suppose most scams are fairly ridiculous anyway – as though the IRS needs you to buy gift cards or else you’ll go to prison. That said, some of us are guilty of being too trusting of people, even when we’ve learned to stop answering phones or doors lest they be someone ingenuous. This all said, I’ve had issues where I was afraid to tell medical professionals about my delusions, lest they take advantage of it, so perhaps an era of losing trust with humanity is the inevitable result of the plethora of schemes attempting to separate you from your money. When you are schizo – it’s incredibly easy to feed into someone’s delusion and use that to take advantage of them – so it isn’t much of a leap to fall for a scam when someone starts agreeing with all of your irrational thoughts. You of course can go the opposite direction and not trust anyone – including those trying to get you help – for they are all in a conspiracy against you, hell even a dog will sometimes snap and attack its owner. I can’t trust my own brain most of the time, what hope is there that you aren’t working in cahoots with it? Anyway, it’s perhaps quaint to see simpler times with scams, rather than their omnipresent current reality, but in the end these are all very commonsense things.
A Day in Death Valley (1944) - Inyo County - Rating: 5/10

Host James A Fitzpatrick gives us a glance into the human side of Death Valley. The focus here is not on the desert or nature – you know, the things you come to Death Valley to see, instead he focuses on the recent past human interactions with the landscape. It starts with a visit to the Furnace Inn with its “remarkable swimming pool” in the middle of an otherwise dry desert. This is followed with a visit to Ryan which was made famous by their borax mines, and now a narrow gauge railroad takes tourists on little sightseeing trips (doesn’t appear they do this anymore, sadly). Then the rest of this short focuses on Death Valley Scotty, his namesake castle, and his gay friendship with Albert Johnson. Now Scotty was quite the character in Death Valley and was known for concocting various scams – this isn’t mentioned, but Fitzpatrick does talk about Scotty’s various “gold mine claims,” which were his chief scam basis. Somehow through it all Scotty maintained a great endearing friendship with Albert Johnson, his financier, and we see them both greeting visitors and go off on rides together. It’s noteworthy that Fitzpatrick only hints at some of Scotty’s exploits (like his record breaking 45 hour train trip between Chicago and Los Angeles) – as he was quite the conman. It’s a bit strange that with all the scenic wonder in Death Valley, the focus here is on the manmade aspects. I suppose most of these human elements were still fairly recent in 1944, so some of the people who lived through the frontier era (such as Scotty) would still be alive. So as a result this ends up being an interesting historical record of an era that’s long since past, but not a very good overview of Death Valley, as now we visit the park for its natural wonders.
Jack the Ripper with Screaming Lord Sutch (1963) - England - Rating: 5/10

Jack the Ripper goes around stabbing every woman in sight, in this silly little upbeat novelty rock song music video. We don’t get too much insight into the supposed mental state of this portrayal of Jack the Ripper, but the common theme revolves around him asking the woman if they are Mary Blood, right before stabbing them. I’ve read that this is a reference to the Ripper’s last victim, Mary Kelly, and Screaming Lord Sutch would later change the lyric to “Is your name Mary Kelly?” But either way – it’s a manner to show the Ripper as so unstable that whenever he sees a woman, he also thinks they might be this one specific person. It’s unsure whether this is by hallucination or just by association, but here, Jack the Ripper kills with the interpretation that all women are the same – which I suppose is a common trait around mass murderers – seeing their victims as singular “others.” This song was banned by the BBC upon its debut, but somehow it got turned into this short film – probably because it, I suppose, glorifies a murderer with this up-tempo beat and chorus. It’s interesting to see the progression of an 80 year old serial killer into this goofy and positive depiction – it makes me wonder what other tragedies of yesterday will befit happier reinterpretations later. The dichotomy of turning a gruesome tragedy into such an upbeat song is similar to inappropriate affect in schizophrenia. This takes the form of expressing emotions that do not befit the circumstance, and is usually witnessed when someone laughs in response to something sad. Its more than just finding comedy in tragedy (dark humor) – but typically a person with (disorganized) schizophrenia has flat affect (blunted emotions), but then will also express emotions that aren’t warranted to the situation. I see this in myself – where I’ll be in the midst of sobbing from something when, without warning, it turns and then I’m suddenly laughing and smiling in a concerning manner that’s in no way justified. So inappropriate affect feels relevant here, given the way this song portrays murders in such a positive light – celebrating a murderer and even the murders themselves – so it’s little wonder why this song would end up banned – as it does more or less the same thing that 80s slasher films did: make you cheer for the murderer. This is an interesting curio of its era, especially as it was initially banned, but it kinda just runs aground into obnoxious territory, similar to the other novelty songs of its era.
From Hell It Came (1957) - Oceania / USA - Rating: 8/10

A man, accused of betraying traditional medicine, is sacrificially killed, and might come back as a vengeful murderous spirit, a Tabanga if you will. Yes, there’s a killer tree on the loose, it looks ridiculous and makes this movie a lot of fun to watch and make fun of – but there’s so much else going on in this film beyond the Tabanga. For instance, this is a film about fighting against “superstitious” traditional beliefs – and of course the Western savior complex runs high here – touting the superiority of science over plants and magick, without any inkling that these people might have a valid wish to retain their beliefs, even at their own peril. So it’s a complicated issue, made all the more intriguing because there’s radioactive fallout from atomic tests covering the island and adding a different spin to the whole supposed superiority of Western progress. I like that the Dr says “its no more radiation than an X-ray” – as though that’s perfectly reassuring, especially when x-ray technicians use shields to block themselves from the repeated exposure to radiation. So, it’s a lot of personal battles between the ethics of forced medical attention on people who are dedicated to their beliefs vs fighting a plague and getting these people help – it’s a tricky field to navigate, even without the killer tree on the loose (which was revived by the curiosity of the scientists doubting the islander’s beliefs). Then there’s also the matter of Orchid, an “outcast” of the tribe who then acts as the helper for Dr Mason – and there’s a lot of gay tension between the two. As Dr Mason doesn’t want to get married to the amorous Dr Arnold, as she keeps rebuffing him as she wants to focus on her career. But Orchid helps Dr Mason in rather personal ways – especially during showering and toweling off. Plus being an outcast of the tribe – this othering of her, as she wants to escape to a bigger island that’s more accepting – its all just incredibly queer coded. You can also read into her outcast status as being a part of an imposed asylum that she’s subjected, but I’ll just casually mention it instead of exploring that further. I think what works here is that, despite the asshole Drs thinking of themselves as superior to the natives (even calling the native people simple minded), at the end of the day – the power of magick prevails – as traditional beliefs turn out to be quite a bit more than they thought. And sure the film looks down upon the native people and says the Drs are superior, but it’s nice to see those Drs get some semblance of comeuppance with their scientific meddling, and even better that it ends up being such a goofy looking monster to boot.
Cinema Safari (Currently working on Inyo County, CA + Zimbabwe upgrade) Help recommend me movies to watch) Letterboxd
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Post by Perception de Ambiguity »

仁義の墓場 / Graveyard of Honor (深作欣二/Kinji Fukasaku, 1975) 4

Fourth of July (2022, Louis C.K.) 6

The Immaculate Room (2022, Mukunda Michael Dewil) 2

From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money (1999, Scott Spiegel) 5

From Dusk Till Dawn (1996, Robert Rodriguez) (8th+ viewing) 9

Fearless (1993, Peter Weir) (2nd viewing) [from 7 > ] 8-

THX 1138 (The George Lucas Director's Cut) (1971/2004, George Lucas) (2nd viewing) [from 7 > ] 9-


Bald: The Making of 'THX 1138' (1971, George Lucas) (rewatch?) 6

Look at Life (1965, George Lucas) (2 viewings) 5

Herbie (1966, George Lucas & Paul Golding) 7

Filmmaker / Filmmaker: A Diary by George Lucas / The Making of 'The Rain People' (1968, George Lucas) 6

music videos (on the good ones)

Deichkind: In Der Natur (2022, Timo Schierhorn & UWE) (2 viewings) 7

Noir Désir: Comme Elle Vient (1997, Jacques Audiard & Henri-Jean Debon) 6

Clark: Ted (????, ???) 7

Tom Waits: God's Away on Business (2002, Jesse Dylan) 6

Thomas Bangalter: Sangria (2018. Gaspar Noé) 6

Rollins Band: The End of Something (1997, Gavin Bowden) 6+

Rollins Band: Disconnect (1994, unknown) (rewatch) 7

Rollins Band: Liar (1994, Anton Corbijn) (rewatch) 6

Rollins Band: Illumination (2000, unknown) (rewatch) 7

The Killers: Shadowplay (2007, Spencer Kaplan, Jonathan Selan) (rewatch) 6


The Rehearsal - S01E05 - Apocalypto (2022, Nathan Fielder) 7+

The Rehearsal - S01E06 - Pretend Daddy (2022, Nathan Fielder) 7+


One Man Caravan . Robert Edison Fulton, Jr.

The Video Archives Podcast with Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avery - The Keep / The Relic / Café Express (2022) 4+
The Video Archives Podcast with Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avery - Moonraker/Firefox/Delirium (2022) 5
The Video Archives Podcast with Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avery - Video Vault: Women In Cages (2022) 5
The Video Archives Podcast with Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avery - More on Moonraker (2022) 6

Quentin Tarantino & Roger Avary: Best Movie Of All Time, Video Archives & More (2022) ==

The Joe Rogan Experience - #1080 David Goggins (2018) 6
The Joe Rogan Experience - #1003 Sean Carroll (2017) 7
The Joe Rogan Experience - #1352 Sean Carroll (2019) 7
The Joe Rogan Experience - #1506 James Nestor (2020) 7
The Joe Rogan Experience - #1360 Nikki Glaser (2020) 6+
The Joe Rogan Experience - #1859 Louis CK & Joe List (2022) 6+
The Joe Rogan Experience - #858 Jesse Ventura (2016) 6+
The Joe Rogan Experience - #1860 Tim Dillon (2022) [mostly]
partly experienced Rogans: #1957 Seth Dillon (2022), #1956 Nate Bergatze (2022)

notable online media

Messages For The Future [by Vsauce]
La légende Brad Pitt est dans le Vidéo Club 🔥🔥🔥
Rollins Band - Low Self Opinion + interview [1-29-92]
Ode To Public Benches | Escape Into Meaning

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