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Best Music of 2021

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Best Music of 2021


Post by clemmetarey »

Since we have some music-lovers in this forum, I thought I'd open this topic.

Below are the 9 albums I rated 4/5:

The Body - I've Seen All I Need to See (2021) (power electronics)
The atmosphere The Body manages to create is quite suffocating. The songs are not too long, which is usually a problem I have with this genre.

Darkthrone - Eternal Hails...... (2021) (doom/heavy metal)
I can enjoy albums from both moments of Darkthrone's career, and this one is no exception. It is more of their doom/heavy stuff with Nocturno Culto singing. I prefer Fenriz but this album is great nonetheless. It features some amazingly heavy riffs (Hate Cloak for example) and they're not afraid to often change. As a result the songs never feel too long.

Ferriterium - Calvaire (2021) (black metal)
This album is packed with great, melodic black metal riffs. The production is modern and powerful which I usually prefer in black metal nowadays. It has some well executed tempo changes that keeps the album entertaining.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor - G_d's Pee AT STATE'S END! (2021) (post-rock)
There was a point this year where I just needed to listen to long songs without vocals, and Godspeed You! was perfect. I'm always amazed by the instruments they use, the little touch each adds, and how they make everything work together so nicely

Mogwai - As the Love Continues (2021) (post-rock)
Just like above, Mogwai was just what I needed some days. This album manages to bring me a sense of comfort and frailty at the same time.

Peste Noire - Le retour des pastoureaux (2021) (black/folk metal)
Peste Noire comes back with a more conventional album than the previous one, that reminded me of La Chaise-Dyable. It is more folky and serious than its predecessors, while sounding very much like PN.

Spectral Wound - A Diabolic Thirst (2021) (black metal)
A great modern black metal album, that keeps an old-school approach. It doesn't offer much break, the drums in particular are always blasting. The vocals are also put forward, which adds to the feeling the music feels every corner of the room.

Thy Catafalque - Vadak (2021) (avant-garde/progressive metal)
This hungarian band is one of my discoveries of the year. It is a great mix of electronic, instrumental parts that reminded me of jazz at times, and metal.

Violet Cold - Empire of Love (2021) (blackgaze)
The description of this band caught my eye. LGBT themed metal from Azerbaijan? The result is a very solid album, with great riffs and variety in the vocals (male screams and female clean, it even has some rapping parts here and there).

Since there's only 9 albums, and since I've been listening to The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die - Illusory Walls (2021) recently, I'll include it in this post and have a top 10.

What about you? What are your favorite albums of the past year? I might check out some as I've been in the mood for music the last couple of days.
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Post by mightysparks »

RYM seems to be down and I haven't updated my album spreadsheet since June (haven't listened to much) so I can't do albums right now, though I'm not sure if I liked any 2021 albums.

Instead I'll do my top 2021 songs:
1. Wet Leg - Chaise Longue
2. Twin Shadow - Brown Sugar
3. Telenova - Bones
4. Wet Leg - Wet Dream
5. Twin Shadow - Johnny & Jonnie
6. Nation of Language - Deliver Me From Wondering Why
7. Kid Kapichi - Working Man's Town

Edit, ok I know that I at least liked one album:

1. The Fratellis - Half Drunk Under a Full Moon
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Pretentious Hipster
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Post by Pretentious Hipster »

Tier 1:

Willie Dunn - Creation Never Sleeps, Creation Never Dies: The Willie Dunn Anthology
Alexis Marshall - House of Lull . House of When
ИльяМазо [IlyaMazo] - Чёрный альбом

Tier 2:

4 Mars - Super Somali Sounds From the Gulf of Tadjoura (Djibouti Archives Vol. 1)
Ad Nauseam - Imperative Imperceptible Impulse
Arca - kick iiii
Betcover!! - 時間 (Jikan)
black midi - Cavalcade
C. Tangana - El madrileño
Filmmaker - Vlad Tapes
Frontierer - Oxidized
GAS - Der lange Marsch
G. Brenner - Brushfire
GFOTY - Femmedorm
L'Rain - Fatigue
Molly Lewis - The Forgotten Edge
RXK Nephew - Slitherman Activated
Scotch Rolex - Tewari
Sematary - Rainbow Bridge 3
Slikback - MELT
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Post by joachimt »

I only bought 9 albums from 2021, so not much that really blew me away. I still have some catching up to do though.

Best album(s) was The Absolute Universe by Transatlantic (both versions) followed by Aphelion by Leprous.
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Post by Lakigigar »

1. Sweet Trip - A Tiny House, In Secret Speeches, Polar Equals
2. Sonhos Tomam Conta - Hypnagogia
3. Lucid Express - Lucid Express
4. Magdalena Bay - Mercurial World
5. Iglooghost - Lei Line Eon
6. Xiu Xiu - OH NO
7. Kero Kero Bonito - Civilisation
9. Parannoul - To See the Next Part of the Dream
10. Leon Vynehall - Rare, Forever

11. Still Corners - The Last Exit
12. Japanese Breakfast - Jubilee
13. Lil Ugly Mane - Volcanic Bird Enemy and the Voiced Concern
14. Yuragi - For You, Adroit It but Soft
15. Tokenainamae - Taimu Mashin ga Kowareru Mae Ni
16. Black Country, New Road - For The First Time
17. Low - HEY WHAT
18. Erika De Casier - Sensational
19. Wolf Alice - Blue Weekend
20. black midi - Cavalcade

21. Lost Girls - Menneskollektivet
22. 박혜진 Park Hye Jin - Before I Die
23. Aya Gloomy - Tokyo Hakai
24. Kedr Livanskiy - Liminal Soul
25. Deafheaven - Infinite Granite
26. Smerz - Believer
27. Mogwai - As the Love Continues
28. Alborosie - For The Culture
29. Bicep - Isles
30. Fax Gang - Aethernet

1. Yukika - timeabout,
2. Doss - 4 New Hit Songs
3. PinkPantheress - To Hell with It

1. Yeule - Don't Be So Hard on your Own Beauty
2. Xiu Xiu ft. Liz Harris - A Bottle of Rum
3. Yeule - Friendly Machine
5. Animal Collective - Prester John
6. Magdalena Bay - Chaeri
7. Sweet Trip - Walkers Beware! We Drive Into The Sun
8. YUKIKA - Insomnia
9. Kero Kero Bonito - The Princess and the Clock
10. Magdalena Bay - Hysterical Us
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