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Rank a Country's Directors

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Post by Onderhond »

5 directors with more than 3 films seen:

01. 3.70 ★ - Lukas Moodysson
02. 2.67 ★ - Josef Fares
03. 1.33 ★ - Mauritz Stiller
04. 1.25 ★ - Victor Sjöström
05. 1.14 ★ - Ingmar Bergman

Should watch more Tarik Saleh and Roy Andersson.
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Post by OldAle1 »

I'm terribly weak on Scandinavia in general, particularly in the modern era. Only three Swedish directors that I've seen three or more films from

1. Ingmar Bergman - a great filmmaker for sure, but not in one of my top tiers personally
2. Victor Sjöström - probably should be on my directors' list in a lower tier
3. Lukas Moodysson - barely remember the two early films I've seen (when they were new) but liked them at the time; didn't much like Lilya 4-ever; jury still out

I've seen a couple of films each from Alf Sjöberg, Roy Andersson, Mauritz Stiller; all clearly have potential. The one film I've seen from Hasse Ekman was absolutely great, so more from him on the horizon for sure. Nothing yet from current day fest-favorite Ruben Östlund apart from one short, and I've almost completely ignored the career of arguably the most commercially successful Swedish director, Lasse Hallström, apart from ABBA: The Movie (seen in the early 80s on TV) and some ABBA videos.
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St. Gloede
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Post by St. Gloede »

Sweden is a really interesting country as it feels a lot like a yoyo in terms of cinematic relevance.

They were easily among the 5 key countries of the 1910s (and very early 20s), lead by Sjöström and Stiller, only to vanish into obscurity (with a few exceptions) until the 40s. The exodus of its two key directors was the cause, and for a small country, it is very understandable that they would be dependent on a few big names. Afterall, there is one director carrying Sweden on his back in terms of real cinematic prominence, and that's Ingmar Bergman, the only Swedish director to generally be on the shortlist of all-time great directors -though along with his rise came other prominent voices in the 60s with Jan Troell, Mai Zetterling, Bo Widerberg, Vilgot Sjöman - and while hardly of the same prominence as in the 1910s (based on competition), they were a highly notable country in this period because of it.

Then, in the 70s and 80s something slightly odd and usual for Sweden (in their entire history) started to happen: Foreign directors came to them rather than leaving., and the names are impressive: Tarkovsky, Makavajev and of course, Peter Watkins, the latter of which made Sweden his new base and made a long string of intriguing films. I won't list these directors below, but Watkins is tempting!

While they never completely faded from the limelight, the post Bergman-era (once he went into TV), Sweden lost a lot of focus. In late 80s and most of the 90s Sweden was not an integral part of the conversation, and it wasn't really until Lukas Moodysson entered the scene, along with the resurgence of Roy Andersson, and a little later, with the arrival of Ruben Östlund that Sweden had something akin to their past glory.

My ranking:

Ingmar Bergman
Roy Andersson
Ruben Östlund
Victor Sjöström
Jan Troell
Mai Zetterling
Bo Widerberg
Lukas Moodysson
Hasse Ekman
Mauritz Stiller
Alf Sjöberg
Vilgot Sjöman
John W. Brunius
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