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1935 Shortlist [deadline Nov 12th]

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1935 Shortlist [deadline Nov 12th]


Post by brokenface »

Best Film
Bride of Frankenstein
The Devil Is a Woman
The Informer
Mad Love
Mutiny on the Bounty
A Night at the Opera
Tange Sazen yowa / Sazen Tange and the Pot Worth a Million Ryo
The 39 Steps
Top Hat

Best Director
Alfred Hitchcock (The 39 Steps)
James Whale (Bride of Frankenstein)
Jean Renoir (Toni)
John Ford (The Informer)
Josef Von Sternberg (The Devil is a Woman)

Best Actor
Boris Karloff (Bride of Frankenstein)
Charles Laughton (Mutiny on the Bounty)
Fred Astaire (Top Hat)
Peter Lorre (Mad Love)
Victor McLaglen (The Informer)

Best Actress
Françoise Rosay (La Kermesse héroïque / Carnival in Flanders)
Ginger Rogers (Top Hat)
Greta Garbo (Anna Karenina)
Madeleine Carroll (The 39 Steps)
Marlene Dietrich (The Devil Is a Woman)

Best Supporting Actor
Basil Rathbone (Anna Karenina)
Basil Rathbone (Captain Blood)
Edward Everett Horton (Top Hat)
Harpo Marx (A Night at the Opera)
W.C. Fields (David Copperfield)

Best Supporting Actress
Carroll Borland (Mark of the Vampire)
Edna May Oliver (David Copperfield)
Elsa Lanchester (Bride of Frankenstein)
Helen Broderick (Top Hat)
Margaret Dumont (A Night at the Opera)

Best Writing
The Informer
Mutiny on the Bounty
A Night at the Opera
The 39 Steps
Top Hat

Best Cinematography
Bride of Frankenstein
The Informer 
A Midsummer Night's Dream
The 39 Steps
Top Hat

Best Music
Franz Waxman (Bride of Frankenstein)
Harry Warren & Al Dubin (Gold Diggers of 1935)
Herbert Stothart (Mutiny on the Bounty)
Irving Berlin & Max Steiner (Top Hat)
Max Steiner (The Informer)

Best Short Film
The Band Concert (Wilfred Jackson)
A Colour Box (Len Lye)
Komposition in Blau / Composition in Blue (Oskar Fischinger)
Pluto's Judgment Day (David Hand)
Who Killed Cock Robin? (David Hand)
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Post by albajos »

So Hitler got the documentary category on walkover then
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