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¶ Short of the Day #102: Etat d'Alerte Sa Mère

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Perception de Ambiguity
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¶ Short of the Day #102: Etat d'Alerte Sa Mère


Post by Perception de Ambiguity »

"Short of the Day" is the daily discussion of a short.

1) Watch.
2) Discuss.
3) Send me your suggestions for the next Short of the Day per PM, along with links to the shorts and comments, questions for the other users to think about, and/or info about the short.

Detailed project introduction & index: here


Etat d'Alerte Sa Mère (Sébastien Petretti, 2016)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gI4zFdKjZyo (turn on subtitles)
Length: 5 minutes 34 seconds

Suggested by: hurluberlu

[H]ere is a short comedy from Belgium on how the prolonged state of emergency and police controls in current terrorist context are getting ordinary in the life of people and especially those of North African ascent who are designated suspects. Nothing too deep but a slice of Belgium humor and their sense of derision.

"Etat d'Alerte Sa Mère" [means] something like "Fuck the Lockdown"

Comments by: hurluberlu
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Post by Carmel1379 »

Damn, now I want a Belgian "durum sauce samouraï salade tout", kebabs here in the UK are far far far worse.

Having lived in Brussels I can understand why someone would make a satire short film like this. The inspections are treated like an endless daily ("see you tomorrow") routine; ignoring the policemen and continuing ones conversations is an adaptation that reduces every stress, harm and feeling of a wasted time. But I have not "mdr", no.
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Post by hurluberlu »

I saw this at Brussels Short Film Festival earlier this month, everybody was laughing hard. I guess comedy and kebab bringing people together is already something.

Would a similar short work in the US with African-American or would that be too sensitive ? Is Weinstein Company going to acquire remake rights ? Well...
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Post by onury »

Thank you very much. Here is the ICM link (which I added): https://www.icheckmovies.com/movies/sta ... herfucker/
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