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¶ Which first viewings were kaleidoscopically edifying and rallied your refined tastes with enlivenment? - May 2023

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¶ Which first viewings were kaleidoscopically edifying and rallied your refined tastes with enlivenment? - May 2023


Post by Carmel1379 »



Matinee (1993, Joe Dante)
Az én XX. századom / My 20th Century (1989, Ildikó Enyedi)
边走边唱 ('Biān zǒu biān chàng' ('Walking and singing at the same time')) / Life on a String (1991, Chen Kaige)
At the Horizon (2017, Takashi Makino & Manuel Knapp)
Seinfeld "The Soup Nazi" (1995, Andy Ackerman)
Madvillain - All Caps (2004, James Reitano)
Succession: Season 4 (2023, created by Jesse Armstrong)
Spiegel van Holland (1950, Bert Haanstra)
La Femme Publique (1984, Andrzej Żuławski)
Hej-Rup! (1934, Martin Frič)
Destry Rides Again (1939, George Marshall)
Le Roman de Renard (1937, Irene & Władysław Starewicz)
Deadfall (1968, Bryan Forbes)
videoconstructions (1978, Buky Schwartz)
He's Here Now (1967, Myron Ort)
The Auto Clinic (1938, starring Krazy Kat)

HMs: Die Katze (1988, Dominik Graf), Feline Follies (1919, starring Master Tom / Felix the Cat), Trolley Troubles (1927, starring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit), Little Red Riding Hood (1922, Walt Disney), Harvie Krumpet (2003, Adam Elliot), The Twilight Zone "Where Is Everybody?" (1959, Robert Stevens), Sabbat (1991, Gisèle & Ernest Ansorge), Filibus (1915, Mario Roncoroni), Rehearsals for Retirement (2007, Philip S. Solomon)

A fantastic predominantly Doubling the Canon correlated month for me; it's time to brew the filmic encounters and embrace industrious owlish wits for the blok/blocus.


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Post by pitchorneirda »

Favourites (>= 8/10)
Une infinie tendresse (1970, Pierre Jallaud)
Que horas ela volta? (2015, Anna Muylaert)
Chorus (2009, Paul Clipson) [short]

Very Good Movies (7 and 7.5)
Coco (2017, Lee Unkrich & Adrian Molina)
El perro que no calla (2021, Ana Katz)
La fórmula secreta (1965, Rubén Gámez)
The Big Short (2015, Adam McKay)
Lettre d'un cinéaste à sa fille (2002, Eric Pauwels)
Bernie (2011, Richard Linklater)

Honourable mentions:
Kurak Günler (Alper), Bruno Reidal (Le Port)
"Art is like a fire, it is born from the very thing it burns" - Jean-Luc Godard
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Post by Lakigigar »

First time viewings:
1. Sunset Blvd. (1950) - 9/10
2. Aftersun (2022) - 9/10
3. Rope (1948) - 8/10
4. The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957) - 8/10
5. The Farewell (2019) - 8/10
6. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948) - 8/10
7. North by Northwest (1959) - 8/10
8. The Founder (2016) - 7/10
9. The Breadwinner (2017) - 7/10
10. Persona (1966) - 7/10

11. Wadjda (2012) - 7/10
12. Koto no ha no niwa [The Garden of Words] (2013) - 7/10
13. The Maltese Falcon (1941) - 7/10
14. Personal Shopper (2016) - 6/10
15. Mirai no Mirai [Mirai] (2018) - 6/10
16. Lawrence of Arabia (1962) - 5/10
17. Us (2019) - 5/10
18. Citizen Kane (1941) - 3/10
19. The Void (2016) - 3/10
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St. Gloede
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Post by St. Gloede »

What a month I ended up having.

I ended up seeing 87 films (1 was a rewatch and 80 of which were for the DtC challenge). This must have been my most active month in years amnd I was rewarded with 2 new favourites and plenty of great films.

New favourites

Nunta de piatra / Stone Wedding (1973, Dan Pita, Mircea Veroiu)
On Approval (1944, Clive Brook)

Close call

Suna no ue no shokubutsu-gun / Plants from the Dunes / Flora on the Sand (1964, Kô Nakahira)

Other great films:

Lourdes (2009, Jessica Hausner)
2/dyuo / 2/Duo (1997, Nobuhiro Suwa)
What Happened Was... (1994, Tom Noonan)
Le monte-charge / Paris Pick-Up (1962, Marcel Bluwal)
Miejsce urodzenia / Birthplace (1992, Pawel Lozinski)
Shitô no densetsu / Legend of a Duel to the Death / A Legend, or Was It? (1963, Keisuke Kinoshita)
La sapienza / La Sapienza (2014, Eugène Green)
Three Minutes: A Lengthening (2021, Bianca Stigter)
Medium Cool (1969, Haskell Wexler)
Mein langsames Leben / Passing Summer (2001, Angela Schanelec)
Yunhui-ege / Moonlit Winter (2019, Dae Hyung Lim)
Golos travy / The Voice of the Herbs (1992, Natalya Motuzko)
La corruzione (1963, Mauro Bolognini)
Undir trénu / Under the Tree (2017, Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson)
Pao dao zhong dian / The End of the Track (1970, Tun-Fei Mou)
Los peces rojos / Red Fish (1955, José Antonio Nieves Conde)
Jofroi / Ways of Love (1933, Marcel Pagnol)
Crazy Love (1987, Dominique Deruddere)
Broken (2012, Rufus Norris)
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Post by Ebbywebby »

I saw 39 features in May. Standouts:

The Cow (1969)
I Served the King of England (2006)
Dead Man's Shoes (2004) -- much better than I thought it would be
The Fog of War (2003)
A Throw of Dice (1929) -- had overlooked this one, because it's not on either of the official silent lists
Privilege (1990)
The Land (1970)
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Post by Good_Will_Harding »

Busy, busy month - mainly outside of my film watching habits, but I also managed to fit some worthwhile viewings in there as well:

First time viewings:

1. How to Blow Up a Pipeline (2022)
2. Master Gardener (2022)
3. Awaara (1952)
4. Kujira gami (1962)
5. Retour à Séoul (2022)
6. Shiki-Jitsu (2000)
7. Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3 (2023)
8. La novia ensangrentada (1972)
9. Man from Reno (2014)
10. Der Fan (1982)
11. Anders als die Andern (1919)
12. Christiane F. - Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo (1981)
13. Showing Up (2022)


Michael (1924)
Gojira vs. Mekagojira (1993)
Crimson Tide (1995)
Gamera 2: Region shurai (1996)
Bottle Rocket (1996)
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Post by Silga »

I only watched films for the first two weeks of May. I haven't seen any films since then. Must be one of the longest gaps in recent years.

Enjoyed these four westerns the most last month.

Legends of the Fall (Edward Zwick, 1994) 8/10
Four Guns to the Border (Richard Carlson, 1954) 8/10

The Raid (Hugo Fregonese, 1954) 7/10
The Bounty Hunter (André De Toth, 1954) 7/10
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Post by Traveller »

Only two last month:

Zero Focus (1961)
Plants from the Dunes (1964)
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Post by beavis »

Seven Days in May (1964) - 8,5
Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 (2023) - 8,5 CIN
Zhi chi (2021) Limbo - 8,5
Film ohne Titel (1948) - 8,5
Zhena Chaikovskogo (2022) - 8,5 CIN
Monsieur Hire (1989) - 8,5
Mechanisms Common to Disparate Phenomena: #59 (2023) - 8 CIN
Frau im Mond (1929) - 8
A Labor of Love (1976) - 8
On Approval (1944) - 8
The Poseidon Adventure (1972) - 8
Until Branches Bend (2022) - 8 CIN
Kanchenjungha (1962) - 8
Gritt (2021) - 8
Der Strass (1991) - 8
Davitelj protiv davitelja (1984) - 8
Beau Is Afraid (2023) - 8 CIN
Pearl (2022) - 8 CIN
Ur-Musig (1993) - 8

Had a busy month aswell with the very inspiring Doubling challenge. Listed (and ranked!) above is everything I saw that I rated 8 or higher
CIN means I watched it in a Cinema. The most special screening of these was the premiere of Joost Rekveld's animated/experimental think piece #59, a beautiful but relentless assault on the senses (epilepsy warnings were not given, but maybe should) and as a visual meditation on chaos it was very well researched and composed which made me enjoy it in a deeper way than I experience most avant-garde / visual music works.
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Post by Torgo »

Ebbywebby wrote: June 1st, 2023, 11:36 am Dead Man's Shoes (2004) -- much better than I thought it would be
pitchorneirda wrote: June 1st, 2023, 10:21 am Very Good Movies (7 and 7.5)
Coco (2017, Lee Unkrich & Adrian Molina)
Unexpected. :sweat:

I've seen a couple of pretty cool films last month. Let me check my watchlog, one second
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Post by viktor-vaudevillain »

Really a great month film-wise for me. 1-3 are contenders for top 100 greatest films made, #4 is one of the most poignant political films I've ever seen, #5 is one of the most beautiful 35mm copies I've seen in a very long time for a film that is rarely screened. #6 showed me that John Woo has a Sirkian vein. Definitely some special viewings this month.

1. The Bitter Tea of General Yen (Frank Capra, 1933)
2. The Long Gray Line (John Ford, 1955)
3. Teorema (Pier Paolo Pasolini, 1968)
4. Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance (Alanis Obomsawin, 1993)
5. The Puppetmaster (Hou Hsiao-Hsien, 1993)*
6. Face/Off (John Woo, 1997)
7. The Last of the Fast Guns (George Sherman, 1958)
8. Sérail (Eduardo de Gregorio, 1976)
9. Children of the Beehive (Hiroshi Shimizu, 1948)
10. Der Kreislauf (Katrien Vermeire, 2014)**
11. Helsinki, Forever (Peter von Bagh, 2008)
12. In Another Country (Hong Sang-Soo, 2012)
13. Thunderbolt (Josef von Sternberg, 1929)
14. Väntan (Peter Nestler, 1985)
15. Images d'Ostende (Henri Storck, 1929)***
16. Dust In the Wind (Hou Hsiao-Hsien, 1986)**
17. Walk Up (Hong Sang-Soo, 2022)

Best rewatches: Heat (Michael Mann, 1995), Close (Lukas Dohnt, 2022)**, The Terminator (James Cameron, 1984), Terminator: Judgment Day (James Cameron, 1992), Two-Lane Blacktop (Monte Hellman, 1971)** - all for the 2nd time except Heat, which was the 3rd time. I might also have seen the Terminator's more than once when I was a kid, but I barely remembered anything. Great films.

* = theatrical 35mm
** = theatrical DCP
*** = theatrical 16mm
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Post by matthewscott8 »

Some very enjoyable watches this month, India Song I had seen most of before, but I stopped to read the book and in the end waited until there was a cinema screening to finish the film, which there was in the Institut Francais in London recently. Have been listening to the Neil Young track Out of the Blue a lot this week. Ordered, although I found the ordering particularly hard this month.

Out of the Blue (1980 - Dennis Hopper)
L'auberge espagnole (2002 - Cédric Klapisch)
Les bas-fonds / The Lower Depths (1936 - Jean Renoir)
India Song (1975 - Marguerite Duras)
Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky (2009 - Jan Kounen)
The Moon Has Its Reasons (2012 - Lewis Klahr)
Zycie jako smiertelna choroba przenoszona droga plciowa / Life as a Fatal Sexually Transmitted Disease (2000 - Krzysztov Zanussi)
L'automne (1972 - Marcel Hanoun)
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Post by RogerTheMovieManiac88 »

Hiya Carmel!

Not all my tastes are refined, haha. ''Kaleidoscopically edifying'' - Mmmmm, I like that!

My favourite FTVs of May 2023 (arranged chronologically & with standouts in red):

Gertie the Dinosaur (1914, Winsor McCay) - 9/10
Zigeuneren Raphael / Raphael the Gypsy (1914, Kay van der Aa Kühle) - 8/10
El cura gaucho / The Gaucho Priest (1941, Lucas Demare) - 8.5/10
Daisy Kenyon (1947, Otto Preminger) - 9/10
Adventures in Silverado (1948, Phil Karlson) - 7/10
Whispering Smith (1948, Leslie Fenton) - 7/10
Lust for Gold (1949, S. Sylvan Simon, George Marshall) - 8/10
Man in the Saddle (1951, André De Toth) - 7/10
Tomahawk (1951, George Sherman) - 9/10
Rosen blühen auf dem Heidegrab / Roses Bloom on the Moorland (1952, Hans H. König) - 8.5/10
Wagons West (1952, Ford Beebe) - 7/10
Bienvenido, Mister Marshall! / Welcome Mr. Marshall! (1953, Luis García Berlanga) - 9/10
The Bounty Hunter (1954, André De Toth) - 7/10
Garden of Evil (1954, Henry Hathaway) - 9.5/10
Rails Into Laramie (1954, Jesse Hibbs) - 7.5/10
Riding Shotgun (1954, André De Toth) - 7/10
Count Three and Pray (1955, George Sherman) - 7/10
Tall Man Riding (1955, Lesley Selander) - 7/10
Texas Lady (1955, Tim Whelan) - 7/10
Jubal (1956, Delmer Daves) - 9/10
Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (1957, John Sturges) - 7.5/10
Revolt at Fort Laramie (1957, Lesley Selander) - 7.5/10
Sierra Baron (1958, James B. Clark) - 7.5/10
The Legend of Tom Dooley (1959, Ted Post) - 7/10
The Last Sunset (1961, Robert Aldrich) - 9/10
Heaven and Earth Magic (1962, Harry Smith) - 9/10
Cattle King (1963, Tay Garnett) - 7/10
Zacharovannaya Desna / The Enchanted Desna (1964, Yuliya Solntseva) - 9/10
Subarnarekha (1965, Ritwik Ghatak) - 9.5/10
The Chase (1966, Arthur Penn) - 9/10
The Last Challenge (1967, Richard Thorpe) - 7/10
Day of the Evil Gun (1968, Jerry Thorpe) - 8/10
The Stalking Moon (1968, Robert Mulligan) - 8/10
Annychka (1969, Boris Ivchenko) - 9.5/10
The Hoarder (1969, Evelyn Lambart) - 9/10
Mackenna's Gold (1969, J. Lee Thompson) - 7/10
Brewster McCloud (1970, Robert Altman) - 8/10
Nidhanaya / The Treasure (1972, Lester James Peries) - 8.5/10
Al-yazerli / The Foreman (1974, Qais Al-Zubaidi) - 8.5 or 9/10
Zandy's Bride (1974, Jan Troell) - 8/10
Videoconstructions (1978, Buky Schwartz) - 8 or 8.5/10
Pehla Adhyay / The First Chapter (1981, Vishnu Mathur) - 9.5/10
Projekt (1981, Jirí Barta) - 7.5/10
A través de las ruinas / Through the Ruins (1982, Claudio Caldini) - 9/10
Angst (1983, Gerald Kargl) - 8/10
Crazy Love (1987, Dominique Deruddere) - 8/10
Extreme Prejudice (1987, Walter Hill) - 9/10
High Tide (1987, Gillian Armstrong) - 8/10
Don Juan en los infiernos / Don Juan in Hell (1991, Gonzalo Suárez) - 9/10
2/dyuo / 2/Duo (1997, Nobuhiro Suwa) - 9/10
Kikujirô no natsu / Kikujiro (1999, Takeshi Kitano) - 8/10
Last Resort (2000, Pawel Pawlikowski) - 8/10
Âme noire - Black Soul (2001, Martine Chartrand) - 8/10
El hijo de la novia / Son of the Bride (2001, Juan José Campanella) - 8.5/10
Ada Apa dengan Cinta? / What's Up with Cinta? (2002, Rudy Soedjarwo) - 7/10
Hästmannen / The Horseman (2006, Tell Aulin, Peter Gerdehag) - 8/10
Doubt (2008, John Patrick Shanley) - 7.5 or 8/10
An Education (2009, Lone Scherfig) - 7.5/10
Curling (2010, Denis Côté) - 8/10
Argo (2012, Ben Affleck) - 7.5 or 8/10
Aujourd'hui / Today (2012, Alain Gomis) - 8.5/10
Asha Jaoar Majhe / Labour of Love (2014, Aditya Vikram Sengupta) - 7.5/10
About A Woman (2015, Teddy Soeriaatmadja) - 8 or 8.5/10
The Martian (2015, Ridley Scott) - 7.5/10
Amazing Grace (2018, Alan Elliott, Sydney Pollack) - 7.5 or 8/10
After Love (2020, Aleem Khan) - 7 or 7.5/10
Old Henry (2021, Potsy Ponciroli) - 7.5 or 8/10

I feel like that is too long, but I liked them all. It was a fun month going both barrels at DtC and Westerns but I might have a touch of film fatigue after it! ;)

That's all, folks!
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Post by Minkin »

This year has been flying absolutely by somehow. I didn't get that much done this month and found myself constantly backlogged with reviews and projects to work on. The #1 enemy this month (and lately in general) is lethargy caused by my medication. Think along the lines of sleeping 13+ hours every single day, and at least 17+ hours 1x-2x a week. You can't get much done if all you're doing is sleeping (also can't be crazy if you're asleep). I'm just thinking back to last August, where I watched like 18 films, read a book, and had time to even spare - now I get stuck on 1-2 film reviews a week, as I never have the time to do so. Thankfully this specific med is being titrated down, but they still want me on it, just waiting for some sort of middle-ground between psychosis, sleep, and functionality. And at the pace of lowering the dose by 12.5mg (starting @200mg) every 2 weeks, its going to be awhile before Im functioning again.

The theme of this month's challenges was Westerns and Doubling the Canon. I of course only got to 3 & 6 films for those challenges respectfully, which isn't too bad seeing as I only watched 14 films this month + I didn't come in last place! We also had a Royal King Chuck evening with a traditional English breakfast, and some short films about the Queen and her family - it was just ducky.

Could be better, but I'm fine with it all, just fuck Clozapine and sleep.

New Watches
01. Southward with Prince Philip (1957) - Rating: 7/10

Join Prince Philip on a merry little tour of Antarctica and the South Atlantic islands, as a reminder to the meager inhabitants that they pay taxes to the Crown for a reason: so that they can waste a bunch of money by visiting their godforsaken, miserable lives. Some of these islands are inhabited only by weather-station tenders, scientists, or whalers, but others have thriving little communities, who have just sort of ended up here for some reason or another, and only continue to exist for the sole purpose of living there. Sure, there's shepherds and lowkey farmers, but one wonders why British people were planted at some of these islands - as though they just needed an excuse to lay claim to the place - which makes sense, as some of these islands were discovered by the Portuguese (who I guess had better things to do than populate random volcanic islands). Philip is at least quite adventuresome - be it playing tennis in the snow, riding a basket to a whaling vessel (and seeing the gory remains of a whale), racing a butcher's horse (and "winning" the race), or seeing how kids slide down a 600ft staircase. It's interesting how these people who live so isolated, are also so dependent on the UK government for aid and essentials - as they don't have access to much themselves for their own needs, so how much has to be freighted in just to keep civilization going - as it's not like there's ever been any permanent human population on some of these islands until the 1800s. One wonders how much contact some of these islands have with the outside world, and probably many of them are still talking about Philip's visit with adages. As you're on this small island, apart from the rest of the world, and then suddenly the Queen's husband shows up for some good old shenanigans. These islands are known for their isolation - like Napoleon was exiled at St. Helena (his house is shown); the people existing in these odd societies, living where everything is everyone's business and one must become accustomed to the whims of tradition and homogeneity - as a sort of asylum of the lost souls - trapped and inherited in their predicament. Anyway, this ends up being a fun adventure / stag party (+ travelogue) for Prince Philip - as a goodwill tour of a number of places that probably had never received royal guests before or since. It's great to have this amusingly playful side to Prince Philip - to see him having a genuinely fun time exploring these out of reach places, and at least I don't think any cargo cults were started on this leg of the adventure (though perhaps later on this same voyage??).
02. Les 3 boutons (2015) - Rating: 7/10
03. Course à la saucisse (1907) - Rating: 7/10
04. Kung Fury (2015) - Rating: 7/10
05. World of Tomorrow (2015) - Rating: 7/10
06. Royal Destiny (1953) - Rating: 6/10
07. Destry Rides Again (1939) - Rating: 6/10
08. Farm Family in Spring (1967) - Rating: 5/10
09. Princess Margaret in Mauritius and East Africa (1957) - Rating: 5/10
10. Rango (2011) - Rating: 5/10

01. Night of the Lepus (1972) - Rating: 9/10

OK, bear with me. So, a plague of normal sized rabbits are eating away at the cattle grazing territory of ranchers, so a scientist makes an experimental formula to prevent them from breeding, but a rabbit gets loose and suddenly there’s a new plague, this time of 20ft tall killer bunnies – who are out to destroy everything in their path. This is played completely straight – that there’s a horrifying swarm of killer rabbits on the loose – who will murder you and everyone you love, and this is supposed to be scary somehow. You could of course use a frightening looking puppet or figure, but no, these are real – flesh and blood adorable little rabbits, who have gotten into some preserves (“blood”), started roaring, and then filmed at a low angle with miniature sets to document their terror. I applaud the actors’ abilities here – to take any of this seriously, as this could have easily been a high-camp film, but no, we’re here to see gory after-shots of dead bodies, dead…. due to bunnies. I’m sorry, but I can’t take any of this seriously, I just laugh the entire time and cheer for the rabbits to destroy everything and everyone.

This said, the film is actually quite progressive for 1972: like the ranchers don’t want to use poison to kill the rabbits, because they not only worry about the livestock ingesting it, but also because of the environmental effect it would have – like poisoning the food chain (birds being specifically mentioned). So they turn to science to find “natural” or at least “humane” ways to deplete the (normal sized) rabbit population, lest they harm native animals and plants – because they’re choosing to not just “cyanide them all.” The film then goes into science mode with control groups and experimental formula – but it's all undone by one girl switching cages around, which is the sort of fatal flaw that all of these labs have: someone swapping cages. Yet I thought the scientific elements here really helped to give a degree of credence here – that they actually went for a technobabble approach, rather than just “it’s radiation, ooOOoooOO.” That they thought to give a shit about native wildlife and the effects of ecological damage in 1972 is rather ahead of its time, and I for one appreciate that they cared enough to treat their ranching and livestock ways in a sustainable and healthy way – and you don’t normally hear this perspective, especially for this film’s age. As the whole “gas ’em and exterminate ’em” is such a horrific perspective – that the “pests” of nature, life, and society deserve to be annihilated for existing, represents the worst in humanity. That they see these “problems” as a means of destruction, separation, and anguish – and that’s the sort of position that’s been obliterating the environment + those in need of help, for millennia – this will to want to just remove and pretend never existed – that they’re better off burning in hell than lifting a finger to bring their salvation.

Anyway – I just adore this film, they tried their absolute best to play everything as a normal, straight horror film – with even the trailer never mentions what the “Lepus” is – just bouncing clearly around that topic. You can make most any animal look scary and horror-acceptable, but I’m sorry – these rabbits are just the most adorable “killer monster” of any film. Every time I see these damn rabbits, I just burst out laughing – seeing their mouths covered in strawberry jam or whatever they used. This is such a hysterical experience, and I applaud everyone’s effort to play this as a serious horror film, but come on, rabbits are the least threatening creature, and using real rabbits hopping around a town just makes me roll on the floor laughing – I can’t get enough of this stuff.

Also: I get the feeling that everyone was harmed in the making of this film.
02. Eegah (1962) - Rating: 7/10
03. A Chump at Oxford (1939) - Rating: 6/10
04. Office Space (1999) - Rating: 5/10

Cinema Safari Locations
Antarctica - Southward with Prince Philip (1957)
Arizona - Night of the Lepus (1972)
England - A Chump at Oxford (1939)
France - Course à la saucisse (1907)
France - Les 3 boutons (2015)
Kern County - Destry Rides Again (1939)
Nevada - Rango (2011)
Riverside County - Eegah (1962)
South Africa + Malta - Royal Destiny (1953)
Sweden + Florida - Kung Fury (2015)
Tanzania + Mauritius + Kenya - Princess Margaret in Mauritius and East Africa (1957)
Texas - Office Space (1999)
USA - World of Tomorrow (2015)
Wisconsin - Farm Family in Spring (1967)

Watching Source:
YouTube - 6 films
DVD - 5 films
Download - 2 films
MAX - 1 film

Other Year end Goals

-Stayed alive and out of the hospital: :D
-Continue short form reviews: B)
-Challenges: Westerns - 20th (out of 22) + DtC - 31st (out of 39)
-Polls submitted: Doubling the Canon + 2015
-Cinema Safari: Inyo County painting has been COMPLETED! Just needs pics + artist statement, then it will finally be ready to post!
-Star Trek progress: +3 (DS9)
-ICM awards: :folded:
-Rewatch backwards from Nov 2021 progress: +4 films
-MST3K: +1 - 5x06 - Eegah (+1 Rifftrax: Farm Family in Spring)
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-List-iest Film: Destry Rides Again (1939) - 8 lists
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Minkin wrote: June 10th, 2023, 10:32 amThis year has been flying absolutely by somehow.
I know, right? Although for you I suspect this is in particular a result of the above-average duration asleep, there's obviously the expression "time runs faster as you age", and I feel we'd all like to counter this inverse proportional relation... supposedly a faster metabolic rate increases information intake per unit time, so that our time perception dilates and we can better appreciate the manifold variations from moment-to-moment. Obviously a challenge-heavy or novelty-rich environment, travelling, as well as meditation can alleviate the sense of fleetingness of time by fostering activity, but then a non-surpassable fact which remains is the existence of distinct memories which we place at discrete moments in the past, which feel so vivid or meaningful, that the relative distance seems inordinate and we feel we've aged again :D. Anyway, not sure where this waffle was headed, I do love me some procrastination. Just wanted to also mention here that I sympathise with the struggle with anti-psychotics' induced lethargy, but in hindsight (it's been like two years ago for me), as you also know, it is better than the alternative; bon courage, though.
Minkin wrote: June 10th, 2023, 10:32 am03. Course à la saucisse (1907) - France - Rating: 7/10
:banana: This one's a Top 10-15 of all time for me.

I also obviously love World of Tomorrow. Episode 2 is more or less the same, clearly still worthwhile, stimulating, and cute, but it does feel like a formulaic follow-up of sorts, however I do need to mention that "Episode 3 The Absent Destinations of David Prime" is as explosive and far-reaching a development for this story and universe as one can possibly greet. If Episode 1 already felt somewhat bonkers or overwhelming, then after E3 one'll look back upon the original as simple and elegant.

Next time I visit The Oracle again, I'll make sure to notice 'Night of the Lepus' on her 90s TV set more properly and rewatch it keeping your write-up in mind :thumbsup:

& indeed, cheers for promoting 'Hej-Rup!'


And yes, everyone else, it is/was usually always customary for the monthly thread's host (btw PdA will let me know when he wants his mantle back, he's not really watching new stuff a.t.m.) to reply to everyone to foster more conversation, but I'll have the time to make good on that in the subsequent months!
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