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What game(s) are you playing now?

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Pretentious Hipster
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Joined: October 24th, 2011, 6:00 am


Post by Pretentious Hipster »

Yea and the tingle and satellaview games.
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Location: Germany


Post by Traveller »

Since my last post I played through

A Memoir Blue
High On Life
Planet Alpha
Beacon Pines
Coffee Talk

High On Life was great. I did enjoy Machinarium, Somerville, Beacon Pines and Coffee Talk as well. A Memoir Blue and Planet Alpha were meh.

I'm currently playing Trackmania - and that takes up a lot of my free time.
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Post by mjf314 »

I finished Catherine. It's a puzzle game about a man's relationship with 2 women, Katherine and Catherine. It was made by the same company as the Persona games.

I liked the concept of the game, but I think several things could've been done better.

I didn't like how the game was constantly rushing me. I like to be able to take my time when I play puzzle games. I didn't like the random elements. Sometimes you get attacked in ways that seem impossible to avoid. I didn't like how "undo" was implemented.

I played on normal mode, so maybe I would've enjoyed it more on easy mode, but I don't think that would've completely fixed it.

I think the relationship with Catherine could've been developed better.
Even though I did the Catherine route, the protagonist dumps her, only to suddenly change his mind at the end. I think in the Catherine route, they should've spent more time on the protagonist falling in love with Catherine.
I think the cutscenes (animated by Studio 4°C) were my favorite part of the game.
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Post by dirty_score »


Just finished Planet of Lana, a cinematic and very ghibliesque platformer that's a mix of Limbo/Inside and A Boy and his Blob. The puzzles are a bit on the easy side but I didn't mind, it's short, very charming with a cute story and protagonists and that's all I wanted for a relaxing weekend. Recommend.
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