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The thread where we post links to lists

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Post by Knaldskalle »

Weird requirement that "new voters" have seen at least 3,000 movies when the person requiring it has 18 movies listed as seen in their profile.

Please don't hurt yourself, talk to someone.
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Post by dirty_score »

for those interested in the history of color in the movies, I just added Charles Bramesco's Colors of Film: The Story of Cinema in 50 Palettes to ICM.
In Colours of Film, film critic Charles Bramesco introduces an element of cinema that is often overlooked, yet has been used in extraordinary ways. Using infographic colour palettes, and stills from the movies, this is a lively and fresh approach to film for cinema-goers and colour lovers alike.

He also explores in fascinating detail how the development of technologies have shaped the course of modern cinema, from how the feud between Kodak and Fujifilm shaped the colour palettes of the 20th Century's greatest filmakers, to how the advent of computer technology is creating a digital wonderland for modern directors in which anything is possible.
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