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IFFR 2023

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IFFR 2023


Post by beavis »


The schedule for the festival came online today and I've made my plans!
tomorrow from 20:00 I'll be able to score tickets and this is what I hope to get:

Pamfir do 26/1 13:00 14:55
When the Waves Are Gone do 26/1 17:00 20:35

Indivision vr 27/1 12:15 14:50
Deadly Love Poem vr 27/1 16:15 18:10
Dalva vr 27/1 19:00 21:00

A primeira idade za 28/1 13:30 15:20
Medusa Deluxe za 28/1 16:00 18:10
Slowly Nowhere za 28/1 19:00 20:40

Moha ma 30/1 09:45 11:55
The Eighth Day of the Week ma 30/1 13:50 15:05
Clementina ma 30/1 16:15 18:40
Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman ma 30/1 19:30 21:55

Karparaa di 31/1 13:00 14:40
I Want to Live di 31/1 15:45 17:50
Vildanden di 31/1 19:00 20:45

I morti rimangono con la bocca aperta wo 1/2 10:00 11:50
Safe Place wo 1/2 13:00 15:05
Visszatérés – Retrace wo 1/2 16:15 18:00
Silent Ghosts wo 1/2 19:15 22:03

Natura vr 3/2 12:15 13:30
Tiger Shorts 6 vr 3/2 14:15 15:30
Maybe Tomorrow vr 3/2 16:30 18:20
De noche los gatos son pardos vr 3/2 19:15 21:11

LOLA za 4/2 11:15 12:45
The Nothingness Club za 4/2 13:30 15:10
Wir sind dann wohl die Angehörigen za 4/2 16:00 18:05
Before the Buzzards Arrive za 4/2 19:00 20:45

there is new work in there from Heng Yang, Lav Diaz and Edgar Pera
two from Kroatia
an oldie from Singapore (I want to Live, 1970)
a new one from the Pampero Cine studio
three from the Judit Elek retrospective
a new short work from Manuel Muñoz Rivas with cinematography by Mauro Herce
and MORE! :)

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Post by kongs_speech »

beavis wrote: January 18th, 2023, 9:36 pm When the Waves Are Gone do 26/1 17:00 20:35
That one's great, seen it. Jealous of the big screen Lav Diaz experience.
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Post by beavis »

He is often in the Netherlands! :) I think I'm about 50/50 with Lav Diaz experiences in cinema vs at home. For the longest works I think the at home experience of spending an entire day in his universe in very nice. But the attention span is still different, so when I have the chance and it fits in the plans I never pass on the oppurtunity of catching him on the big screen!
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St. Gloede
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Post by St. Gloede »

Not heard of the extreme majority of films in the program, so looking forward to your report card!

Looking at the program, the Georgian b/w film Drawing Lots sounds interesting, with the description of it being somewhere inbetween Tarr and Kaurismaki.
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Post by beavis »

there is so much to discover, as always!!

sometimes it is years after the fact that I realise I could have seen a film at the IFFR and it completely passed me by :) and at the end of every edition I have a short list of films I missed that got a lot of buzz and I need to be on the lookout for

anything that already has a Dutch distributor I try to skip at the IFFR to ensure the most chance of discoveries and not missing anything that will seemingly dissapear forever after the festival

So I select a shortlist of about 20 titles that jump out at me, then I'll try to fit as much of these as possible into the days and times that are available and comfortable to me and finally I fill up the gaps with whatever fits that seems like the best option.

what most spoke to me from the discriptions, pictures and names I recognise was

Silent Ghosts - the new Heng Yang!!
De Noche Los Gatos Son Pardos - a Swiss movie that played at Locarno and seems to fit the "new fabulism" style a lot
Visszatérés - because of a slight link with Duras the film from the Elek retrospective I'm most curious about
Safe Place - I saw this doing well with some critics last year and this comes from an intresting bunch of Croatian filmmakers
Before the Buzzards Arrive - in striking black and white and with some surreal touches
LOLA - debut from an Irishman that gets compared to Guy Maddin
Clementina - absurd Argentinian comedy from the Pampero team
Medusa Deluxe - British Cult "horror", maybe in the vein of Peter Strickland?
Karparaa - a slow cinema take on a type of Tokyo Story, from Kerala

and there were lots of others that didn't fit too, including some of the weirder stuff that only gets programmed late in the evening, like 2551.02 - the orgy of the damned
those titles are already on my look out for list now :)
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Post by matthewscott8 »

This is a good time of year for me to do a film festival, a few questions
(1) Are screenings shown with English subtitles usually?
(2) Why is the program released so late?
(3) How do you find the calibre of this festival compared to others
(4) What are the venues like (I am very tall so often have venue problems)
Could be something I could do by train and thus avoid flugscham.
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Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands


Post by beavis »

Films in the Limelight section are already bought by Dutch distributers and might have Dutch subs, but if they do it will be explicitly stated, since this is a big international festival with many foreign guests, so mainly an English language affair.

Venues are generally good. For leg room Cinerama 1 is the best room of the lot. Kino 1 is nice too, Pathe 1 has the largest screen i think. Cinerama 5,6 and 7 and some of the Lantaarn Venster rooms are a bit smallish.

I love the programming of the IFFR. Most if not all films are announced before Christmas, but the schedule is always ready only a week in advance... i think this is normal? The website can be a bit buggy and they clearly have some problems in financing and organisation post pandemic, but on average the organisation is very good to excellent in my experience.
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