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Monday (2000) FotW #379

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Monday (2000) FotW #379


Post by joachimt »

Film of the Week #379: Monday (2000)


A simple funeral turns a man's world topsy turvy.

#409 on 500<400, with 185 checks.
Nominated by 72aicm and joachimt.
On iCM

From the 500<400 results
#409(NEW) Monday (2000)
Directed by: SABU
(324.86 Pts, 6 Votes) , Top 1–10–50: 0–1–4
History: 409843245022651946759NA←NA
ICheckMovies: 172 Checks , 15 Favourites , 0 Official lists
List of Voters:
Torgo (10)
Angel Glez (20)
Onderhond (35)
Mate_cosido (45)
Gordon_Gekko (63)
beavis (364)

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This movie fits the current DtC Challenge.
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Post by Onderhond »

Ooooh. (l)

This film kick-started my love for SABU. Strange, funny, original. Great performance by Shinichi Tsutsumi too. And 20 years later, still so very unavailable on DVD/BR with English subs.
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