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Mollykins Film Diary (Last Entry: Citizen Kane)

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Mollykins Film Diary (Last Entry: Citizen Kane)


Post by Mollykins »

i like the idea of a film diary since I watch so many so i'm gonna start one now~

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Post by Mollykins »

Mercy (2014)

Spoiler: click to toggle
It's got Carl from The Walking Dead so I'm expecting this to be decent
Carl is still a turd
Oh Okay they can only afford to live in a broken down house out in the middle of nowhere but yeah sure they can afford a brand new 2014 GMC Envoy. And it's freaking shiny after going down this huge dirt road. It's like The Walking Dead all over again lol Dat product placement
omg it's got Dylan from AHS. Definitely high hopes
why is this old lady living out in the middle of absolutely nowhere alone without a car how is she getting groceries/etc if her family doesn't visit often lmao
LMAO why is this grown adult hiding undernear the curtains looking out the window at everyone; nvm its an old person home now i feel bad lol
this old lady just went 0 to 100 rq &#128074;&#128165;
wow this kid is a horrible person. old lady trying to sleep at like 3am & he shakes her trying to wake her up for whatever reason aaand below average jump scare
put down the crack pipe &#127860;
oh okay let's go down into the dark cellar with blue lighting alone & ominuous music im sure this won't end horribly; obvious jump scare
2014 & this kid is wearing an old timey watch like does this kid not have a phone?
LMAO why is she stabbing her leg. Some of this makes no sense but ook I'm gonna just go with it
welp i think this movie just gave away the ending
this guy beat 3 ppl to death & his only punishment was being told to stay away? lmao
all these jump scares without any actual tension is ruining this movie who thought this was a good idea
oh okay violins playing all soft i'm sure this isn't going to be a jump scare; nope
i need that devil book
carl still bad at crying i see
bro what are you even doing she dies & you call 911 then hangup & she gets up; jump scare like a mfer
of course you trip & drop the flash light
of course you don't run out of the house after noticing you are standing in a demon circle thing
the only reason this movie is giving a scary feeling is because the audio/noises are on point
if they didn't add the ominuous music/hell's kitchen type noises this would just be extremely mediocre
why is it so dark out here in the middle of nowhere like there is a street light but it's pitch black 10+ feet from it? uh okay
carrrrl that kills people
what are all these random animals in this book i wish they would explain this
this demon looks like a white walker but black
this makes no sense
wtf just happened
so I'm gonna assume this kid gave his soul so his grandma can live but there is no way to really know
Welp it's over. About a grandmother who gets sick so they go visit her to take care of her. They find out she's going crazy. Kid finds a demonic book & uses it like a moron. The ending sucked. If you wanna know more check the spoiler thing.

Acting was ~average & directing was horrible. Too much ominuous music it ruined the atmosphere.

5/10 would not watch again but I guess it could have been much worse

time to get ready for school I guess. Trying to make it through this week has me like

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Post by Mollykins »

As Above, So Below (2014)

Spoiler: click to toggle
Normally I wouldn't even waste time on these stupid crap found footage films because they are all exactly the same. It starts off with a journalistic team going to investigate something they think is legitimate or to find out if it is, they get chased throughout the entire movie, a few minutes before it's over the big reveal shows the big scary thing, the camera drops, and that's the end. However I'm watching this anyway because I'm stupid & never learn my lesson.

Well it's started off just like I predicted. They're going to investigate some grave site, and oh hey big surprise they are already being chased by iraqi police or something
I think I'm just going to stop watching this because the lead actress is BEYOND PATHETIC. She does the same generic stuff they always do where they are being chased & they are going NO IC AN'T LEAVE I HAVE TO READ THIS I HAVE TO FIND OUT THE TRUTH ETC ETC. oh okay so yeah let's just risk dying so we can read this thing. god i hate movies where they act like this
"i can take u 2 off limits area of catacombs" yes please! oh god this movie is so cliche
welp they just "circled around in a tunnel". I guess this is a grave encounters knockoff
this movie so lame
"Abandon all hope yee who enter here" over the entrance to the "only exit". Oh my god really? This is soooo cliche I can't even
it's just repeating over & over but "going deeper" where it gets a little bit "scarier" every time. This is literally grave encounters in a catacomb
hear a scream *foot step foot step foot steps getting faster* RAWWWWW *blacked out eyes*
better run off alone to "get help" while we're over a thousand feet down into the catacombs
lmao this is so bad
*camera slowly gets closet to a guys face with dead silence* yeah i'm sure it's not gonna open & be totally black & he'll scream
oh hey they were black & he screamed
oh my god this was the absolute most horrible open-ended ending to ever exist. It was clearly evident he had absolutely no clue how to end this movie, so when the "scary part" was over, he just literally stopped filming. We have no clue what happens to the video, how it ended, what happens to them. Do they live or die? Anything. I feel robbed.
Don't watch this just watch grave encounters & imagine it happening in catacombs instead of a hospital. Made by same guy who made paranormal activity & devil & all those other generic jump scare movies so I don't know what I expected

This movie was total poop. It's worse than The Room. At least The Room had an ending.
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Post by Mollykins »

Dolphin Tale (2011)


ok well I watched the 2nd one earlier this week & it was amazing. The ending was great & left it open for the possibility of a #3 which would be awesome. Anyway, the 2nd one was so good I had to go back & watch the 1st one so here i am

Prediction: The boy finds the dolphin & saves it somehow & it acts all depressed till the boy gets involved since he's the one who originally saved it & the boy ends up working with the dolphin & that leads up to #2
Spoiler: click to toggle
ok wow this is taking place a long time before the second one
so a dolphin is entangled on the beach I'm guessing this is where the dolphin in dt2 came from
omg it's the bird again
boy that door says employees only don't you read lol
this little girl has to be the best young actress of the decade given the competition
this bird omg
"can you swim" oh boy here we go
this dad best wingman 2014
they shoulda named this movie roofus tale
this mom is rude
THAT'S THE OLD DUDE FROM BLADE LMAO. so this is what he did before he killed vampires
forgetting to put the lid on a blender: been there done that lmao
i want a dolphin
roofus what is ur deal dude go on
she's gonna crash it 100%
haha i was right
"So she'll have a bulge. That's not so bad" um... phrasing.
morgan freeman getting doused lmao
this guys face when he sees its a dolphin
well this board meeting is kinda ruined since i already saw #2 lol
this dad is a buzzkill
look @ this kid on a cellphone organizing an event like what
where do you even get those big huge school bleachers
calling it now winter freaks out w the prosthetic
ayyy lmao
ok back from zaxby's w my daddy let's finish this movie lmao
what would they do if winter just swam away during the race
i cry erytim
10/10 animal movie masterpiece will definitely watch again
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Post by Dolwphin »

I'm an objective person without any bias in this matter and I can inform all members that Dolphin Tale is a cinematic masterpiece and definitely in the same league as France Ha and Gravity.
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Post by Mollykins »

The Theory of Everything (2014)


Not interested in this movie but I'm gonna watch it anyway because I hear it's supposed to be good & I love romances & tbh there isn't much else to watch right now

Spoiler: click to toggle
ok taking place in cambridge england in like the 50s is my guess
i can already tell this guy is a huge asshole. "Oh, mean? Well I'm a cosmologist of course. You aren't religious, are you?" *smug giggle*
omg the professor is the guy from harry potter how fitting HAHAHAHAHA
"Sorry I could only answer 9 out of 10 of these impossible questions", guy to the left, "really dude" LOOOL
maybe this won't be so bad this is kinda funny
this dude is king of the buttholes lol
"no i don't dance. i find it dreadful" heh
don't fall for this dude he's a butthole
lmao this science is too intense for a friday afternoon
that looks like it hurt
well that escalated quickly
"What about the brain?", "Oh, it'll work fine. You'll have your thoughts like you always did, but eventually, nobody will know what they are" 2SPOOKY4ME
The face he makes when he said that says it all
croquet with his janky hands & legs well this will be interesting
so they're both buttholes. buttholes made in heaven for each other
so you're going to die but choose to have a kid anyway how very mature of you
well at least they liked his paper
oh man his voice has got really bad
i think he's eating mashed broccoli because he can't chew i can't tell
nvm he can't lift his spoon
and here comes the wheelchair
please tell me they aren't gonna do the nasty in the kitchen in his wheelchair
this is too much science
that little girl is too cute
and he's dying on his own spit; nvm
this movie is really boring
omg this movie is so slow
I'm about to go to sleep this movie is atrocious
I guess this is where he dies
nope still alive he has amnoia though
that board is pretty cool i guess
"the voice is american..." LOL. British Problems
PERVERTS lookin @ porno mags
oh boy i can sense the jealousy
If this movie gets any slower they're gonna have to rename it a A theory on naps
ok he's pretty funny don that good looking line
THIS MOVIE SUCKS DOODOO. I was expecting it to be a lot more documentary heavy & a lot less ALS heavy
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Post by joachimt »

A movie about Stephen Hawking. Since I'm a physics teacher and my mother has ALS as well, I guess this is a must see for me.

Thanks for the recommendation. ^_^
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Post by Mollykins »

joachimt on Nov 22 2014, 04:26:13 AM wrote:A movie about Stephen Hawking. Since I'm a physics teacher and my mother has ALS as well, I guess this is a must see for me.

Thanks for the recommendation. ^_^
I actually really like physics I'm taking ap physics next year & have honors chem this semester & I like Steven Hawking too but the story telling is just bad to me. It's really obvious that they just rode on his story when you look at it from a non-biased pov. There wasn't much drama, they didn't focus on his personal life/romance too much, and didn't focus on him struggling as a writer/or how he came about everything. I think the problem with the movie was it was just too "brief"(lol). They covered small segments of his life, but it was just that, small. I felt like they didn't focus on any one point of his life enough to allow them to get away with that. An example of a movie that did it amazingly was Jobs, and it got worse reviews than this is getting. It gave you a backstory of him enough to understand him as a person then focuses on the major part of his life of rising up Apple. This movie didn't really seem to do that which I guess is what I was expecting. I was expecting a movie about him going through college & the struggles he had with school & what not.

The entire movie was just watching him struggle to move around & choke & stuff. It reminded me of Passion of The Christ lol. There just didn't seem to be much focus on him as a person & more on whatever disease it was he had. That's just my huge gripe with this movie. It's been grossly mismarketed. If they named it, "This is what ALS does to you" & the trailer showed what the movie was actually about then I would have had no problem with how the movie played out.

I'd like to hear from people who have also seen this if they agree with me. Not about if it's a good movie or not, but if they agree that the movie isn't about him as a physicist, going through school/his research & instead focused more on his ALS.

Also, I saw Lucy @ my girlfriends today so I couldn't exactly write about it as we watched it, but lemme just say that movie is weird. I'm not gonna call it bad because it was definitely unique & I like that. It might have been better if they casted someone who actually knows how to act & isn't just some pretty face but the world will never know.

I'm really looking forward to The Imitation Game & hope it comes out a lot better than this the Hawking movie did
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Post by Mollykins »

The Room (2001)


I can't believe I'm going to do this but I'm going to watch the room. I told myself I was never going to do it. I told myself it's a waste of time, but with this whole diary thing I wanna watch it & write down just how amazingly bad it is so I can look back later for perspective on just how bad a movie can be. THESE ARE THE SACRIFICES YOU MAKE WHEN YOU REALLY LOVE MOVIES. WHEN YOU REALLY LOVE MOVIES, YOU WATCH THE ROOM TO GET PERSPECTIVE. LOL
Spoiler: click to toggle
god bless I can't believe I'm doing this; ok here we go for real. bae was blowing up my dms
omg his accent is he handicapped
oh man that was so awkward
what in the world why is this kid in here. I JUST WANNA WATCH YOU GUYS ARE YOU SERIOUS LMAO
omg this better not be a porno
omg i don't need to see this lol
yall nasty nobody wants to see this
omg we get it ur doing it now let's just move on OMG NO I DONT WANNA SEE HIM THRUSTING LMFAO
there's no way those are real they sit up too much when she is lying down
did they really have to show him walking to the bathroom naked
omg this womans makeup is so bad lol
good lord why doesn't she like johnny he treats her right
omg u sloot! how dare you cheat on johnny with his best friend
hahahaha shot down
omg there better not be more thrusting EHHH I DONT NEED TO HEAR ALL THAT GROSS
really why is this sex scene so long this is ridiculous
poor johnny
this kid is a pervert i can tell
LOL IM WEAK. "hehehheheeh you think about everything hehehhehehehehe"
ffs johnny stop laughing like that
omg really is this sex scene necessary what does it even add to the movie lol
WOW THIS LYING GIRL what is wrong with this girl
god really another sex scene this movie is nasty
lmao who is this kid always invading their house
aww johnny is so nice
well that escalated quickly why does danny owe this guy money lol
this guys like 25 & he's acting like he's 5 lol
are these adults really passing around a football 2 feet apart from each other
johnny's such a good guy i hope things work out for him in the end
nooo johnny heard :(
calm it down johnny with the chicken
omg this movie is so bad
"how is your sexy life" LOL BRUH. IF ONLY U KNEW
this is gross whoever made this movie need jesus or something
why in the world are they just out randomly playing football LOL WELL THAT ADDED NOTHING TO THE PLOT BUT OOOKAYYYYYYY
god i knew it. how am i not surprised any scene with this woman involves her being trashy. johnny needs a real woman in his life
"xyz examine your zipper" LMAO that's a good one
Why is Johnny racing lol
Johnny deserves an Oscar for this happy birthday performance. He captures the awkwardness of a group of people singing you Happy Birthday so well. "ohh. wow. okay thank you. ohh! woooww! thank youuu!" LMAO
this is the most boring party ever
trashy girl finally got busted hahaha
oooo here we go johnny vs mark round 1
well that de-esclated quickly
johnny is gonna wreck this dude he's super buff + johnny is the good guy
im getting tired this movie better hurry up 12 minutes left
"in a few minutes b*" LOL
i bet they called this the room cuz they always gettin nasty in that room w the roses lol
aw man poor johnny he's the good guy this isn't fair
poor johnny :( it gets better buddy :hug:
omg i hate lisa so much
wtf no johnny is the good guy this can't be happening rn
WELP. THAT WAS INTERESTING. No words can adequately describe this movie. Screw Lisa so hard though. That goes without saying.
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Post by joachimt »

This was the first spoiler in this thread that I opened, because I have already seen The Room and it was hilarious reading about you watching this movie. You actually type what you'd say to friends if you're watching it together. :lol:
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Post by Mollykins »

Citizen Kane (1941)


Well my daddy tells me I need to do some culturally enriching things this month. Reason being I do Volleyball & Track & I'm in between seasons right now where I don't have any responsibilities besides my grades. He gave me choices of reading culturally rich books he approves, watching culturally rich movies he approves, getting a French tutor, or go to the theater in Asheville. The choice was really obvious to me. haha. So here we go. Citizen Kane.
Spoiler: click to toggle
So we're building a huge monument
and these accents are hilarious
Well I've watched the intro about 5 times now to make sure I fully get the backstory & what's going on
where is this going? I get 20 minutes into this movie & every time I feel like I must have missed something because it doesn't seem like the movie has gone anywhere. I've replied the intro at least 5 times now. This is the last time if I don't get it, I'm going to just keep watching & see if it plays itself out. :/
ok so he died & they're trying to figure out what's up with rosebud
That kid looks pissed
I really don't get this movie at all it like what are they trying to do? What is the plot? What are they doing? Where is this going? This movie makes it really obvious just how far the film industry has come.
I'm 30 minutes in I'm not sure how much more of this I can take lol
okay I'm caught up now. I didn't realize this was like a flashback thing. That's what threw me off so much.
So that's where the clapping gif came from lmao

lol um I'm gonna just keep my mouth shut about this movie because it's allegedly one of the best movies ever made. I guess it does a good job showing contrast what one of the best movies of that time is like compared to one of our time now. It shows how far cinematography, directing, & the entire movie industry has grown & evolved over the years.

After reading the history behind this movie it seems to be popular just because it was black-balled out of theaters at the time & has that edgyness to it along with great use of lighting/cinematography, but idk. The storytelling just didn't seem to be there for me. Without that, a film is nothing to me. It didn't grab me & get me interested in it in any way. I've thoroughly enjoyed movies like Magnolia, The Usual Suspects, and Pulp Fiction with multiple narratives, but I didn't like the way they did it in this movie. It seemed to just jump around too much. I understand that this was new at the time so it's introducing something new for people to play with but it just doesn't hold up against how the industry has evolved with time.
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