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2021 Official Challenge Leaderboard

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2021 Official Challenge Leaderboard


Post by sol »

After January we have had 36 participants finish in the top 20 of one or more challenges. :banana:

With this new scoring system, you receive 1 point for finishing in the top 20 of any challenge, 1+1 points for finishing in the top 10, 1+1+1 points for finishing in the top 5, and 1+1+1+1 points for winning a challenge. At this stage there are tons of ties, but as the year progresses, those who continue to do well in the challenges should slowly rise to the top.

Challenge Leaderboard 2021

RankParticipantPointsChallenges WonTop 5 FinishesTop 10 FinishersTop 20 Finishers
1Lu-Chin 101333
2jdidaco 8-233
3flavo5000 71123
3jeroeno 7-223
3sol 7-133
6AB537 5--23
7AssOnFire 4-112
7DudeLanez 4--13
7tourdesb 41111
1072aicm 3-111
10beavis 3-111
10Coryn 3-111
10hurluberlu 3---3
10Mario Gaborović 3-111
10maxwelldeux 3---3
10Obgeoff 3---3
10ororama 3--12
18Fergenaprido 2--11
18frbrown 2---2
18Harco 2--11
18klaus78 2--11
18Kublai Khan 2--11
18Lonewolf2003 2--11
18max-scl 2--11
18outdoorcats 2--11
18pitchorneirda 2---2
27blocho 1---1
27ChrisReynolds 1---1
27ckfilm88 1---1
27insomnius 1---1
27Knaldskalle 1---1
27maksler 1---1
27Melvelet 1---1
27mightysparks 1---1
27peeptoad 1---1
27zzzorf 1---1

Please let me know if there are any mistakes or errors. This is my first time running this alternate system, so there's always room for errors. :ermm:

To double check where you finished:

Central American/Andean - viewtopic.php?f=9&t=5263
Science Fiction/Fantasy - viewtopic.php?f=9&t=5258
iCM Forum's 1000<400 - viewtopic.php?f=9&t=5261
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Post by jeroeno »

I like the new system. Thanks sol for picking this up :cheers:
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Post by maxwelldeux »

Lu-Chin the bad-ass.

And I'm surprised to learn I finished top-20 in all three challenges. I didn't expect to place at all.
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