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Experimental/Avant-Garde Challenge (Official, February 2021)

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Post by sol »

St. Gloede wrote: March 2nd, 2021, 9:49 am Sol came in 8th, with a whopping 21 points, 21 features and not a single short. Oh my!

Thanks for hosting, Chris -- and for providing such a detailed final post/breakdown. :poshclap:

I will wait for Lonewolf to wrap up his challenge (I believe he's planning to do that tomorrow) before I zap the data from this thread and my thread and update the Overall Challenge Leaderboard.
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Post by RogerTheMovieManiac88 »

Hi there, Gloede. My challenge never really kicked into life, unfortunately. The dazzling Rose Lowder piece that I viewed mid-month could/should have served as the impetus to delve a little deeper but (despite a viewing spurt over a couple of days) I found that I settled back into spending most of my month with the Run the Director challenge and the easier fare contained in my TV planner that was there at hand. Oh well, I enjoyed those I did see...

I've loved this thread, and I'm sure I'll dip into it in the future for recommendations. Congratulations to jd on his remarkable viewings, and to all the other participants. The screenshots have been particularly tantalising, challenging, beautiful here.

If my handful of viewings are too late, I totally understand my score not being included. I should have posted yesterday, but felt rather tired after a long day!


1. Rien que les heures / Nothing But Time (1926, Alberto Cavalcanti) - 9/10

Spiste horisonter / Eaten Horizons (1950, Wilhelm Freddie, Jørgen Roos) - 7/10 / 4 minutes
London to Brighton in Four Minutes (1952, Donald Smith) - 8/10 / 4 minutes
Sun in Your Head (1963, Wolf Vostell) - 7.5 or 8/10 / 6 minutes
Process Red (1966, Hollis Frampton) - 6 or 6.5/10 / 4 minutes
7362 (1967, Pat O'Neill) - 8.5/10 / 10 minutes
Selbstschüsse / Self Shots (1967, Lutz Mommartz) - 7.5 or 8/10 / 6 minutes
Berlin Horse (1970, Malcolm le Grice) - 9/10 / 7 minutes
Dresden Dynamo (1971, Lis Rhodes) - 9/10 / 5 minutes
Refraction (1972, Jim Jennings) / 7/10 / 3 minutes
Moondance I (1976, Willie Varela) - 7/10 / 4 minutes
A Neon Crescent (1976, Willie Varela) - 7/10 / 3 minutes
Sway: Yuragi (1985, Toshio Matsumoto) - 7/10 / 8 minutes
Muzhestvo / Fortitude (1988, Evgeniy Yufit) - 6.5/10 / 3 minutes
Head (1993, Cheryl Donegan) - 4/10 / 3 minutes
Bouquets 1-10 (1995, Rose Lowder) - 9.5/10 / 11 minutes
Yours (1998, Jeff Scher) - 9/10 / 3 minutes
Celestial Bodies (2004, Cyriaco Lopes) - 8/10 / 5 minutes
White Sands (2004, Willie Varela) - 8/10 / 12 minutes
Filmas apie nežinomą menininkę / Film About an Unknown Artist (2009, Laura Garbštienė) - 7/10 / 11 minutes
Nonobjective Cinema (2015, Blanca Rego) - 6/10 / 2 minutes
quest'atomo opaco del Male (2015, Flavio Sciolè) - 3/10 / 3 minutes
Compression Pépé le Moko de Julien Duvivier (2016, Gérard Courant) - 5/10 / 4 minutes

(121 minutes in total)

That's all, folks!
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Post by flavo5000 »

St. Gloede wrote: March 2nd, 2021, 9:49 am Final results

It is over, everyone! (Don't worry, if you have a final update it will still be included).

What started out as a two horse race with jdidaco and jeroeno battling for the lead, ended up with jdidaco simply running away with it. Congratulations! Though, you may have been more pressed if jeroeno did not complete his focus on the challenge of day 15 ... And what a turn - with 21 features and 101 shorts he still held down the 2nd place the final two weeks.

But, all that said, all hail jdidaco.

He did not only score the most points, he saw the most features - and shorts - almost hitting 100 experimental features (stopping at 98) and a whopping 129 shorts. What a turn.

The full ranking:

Rank Participant Count Features Shorts Reviews
1 jdidaco 122 98 129 -
2 jeroeno 54 21 101 -
3 Insomnius 41 25 121 10
4 Lu-Chin 35 32 13 -
5 St. Gloede 32 27 14 (+"5") 33
6 Perception de Ambiguity 30 20 72 8
7 klaus78 28 8 103 -
8 sol 21 21 - 21
9 Ebbywebby 16 9 37 24
10 peeptoad 10 8 13 -
11 hurluburlu 9 8 7 -
11 flavo5000 7 6 6 7
12 Dolwphin 5 2 17 2
12 maxwelldeux 5 5 - 5
14 AssonFire 3 2 11 -
15 frbrown 2 - 14 3
15 Hunziker 2 - 37 -
17 connordenney 1 1 - -
17 mjf314 1 1 - -
17 blocho 1 1 - 1

But, we have some bonus challenges as well.

Full-Length Hero

Have we found a person more averse to shorts than me? It may just look it. Sol came in 8th, with a whopping 21 points, 21 features and not a single short. Oh my!

Top 5 Full Length Experimental Viewers:

1. jdidaco: 98
2. Lu-Chin: 32
3. St. Gloede: 27
4. Insomnius: 25
5. (tie) Sol & jeroeno: 21

The Short Binger

No one? Really?

Not even the people with 1 point had solely seen short. Everyone watched at least 1 ...

However, with a ratio of 8 to 103it is clear that klaus78 is our resident experimental short film redeemer. Impressive!

Top 5 Experimental Short Viewers

1. jdidaco: 129
2. Insomnius: 121
3. klaus78: 103
4. jeroeno: 101
5. Perception de Ambiguity: 72

TV Series Exists Damn It ...

After setting up the categories myself, I became the only person going outside of the Feature vs. Short paradigm by watching 5 episodes of Miéville and JLG's 6x2. Oh well.

The Reviewer

After heavy competition with Sol I finally caught up with him, and ended up penning 12 more write-ups after an extremely active last week. However, it does feel odd for the host to actually score an award - so the rightful winner should be:

Sol: 21 (out of 21)

Reviewed EVERYTHING (or at least every entry):

St. Gloede

I'd also like to give shoutouts to Insomnius and Perception de Ambiguity, who were tempted to add write-ups and musings when it mattered! :cheers:

Consistent participation

While they ended up outside of the top 10 I really think peeptoad, Dolwphin and maxwelldeux deserve a hand of applause for participating and contributing throughout the challenge. :cheers:

*hurluburlu: See, if you had only watched 1 more you'd be on this list too. ;) :D


Big cheers you to AssonFire and blocho for joining in during the last week of the challenge!

Final shoutout

While it was not a side challenge it only feels right to give an additional shout out to jdidaco, Insomnius and Perception de Ambiguity for their large number of screenshots brightening up this challenge, page after page after page.
Hey, I think you missed my last two. I should have a total of 9. Although that also takes me off the list of doing writeups for every movie watched since those two were posted without them. What's sad is I actually did write-ups for them in the directors thread. I was just too lazy to copy n paste em over... :facepalm:
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St. Gloede
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Post by St. Gloede »

Roger: What a pleasant surprise. You are now included in the table!

Flavo5000: You could always copy them over. ;) Updated the table (oddly I had already placed you in the correct position).
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Post by RogerTheMovieManiac88 »

Thank you, Gloede. I appreciate it.

I loved how you handled and ran the challenge throughout the month. Just wish I could have risen to the challenge myself, haahaa!
That's all, folks!
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Post by prodigalgodson »

maxwelldeux wrote: February 26th, 2021, 12:01 am 5. Night and Smog (2020)

Definitely my favorite of the LA in Lockdown trilogy.

The interest and enjoyment of this film, at least for me, was dependent on knowing the context. Streets of LA are fine, but maybe they're a little empty, but whatever. But knowing that this was made during COVID times? That really set it apart for me. Everything looked normal...ish. What should have been crowds was only a few people. What should have been a few people was no one. It was fascinating to see how that worked out. And I really appreciated the musicality of the score in this, how the score often corresponded to what was happening on screen.

The end was also pretty powerful. Oddly enough, this is the third thing I've watched this month with skid row featuring prominently. And that was, sadly, normal.

Nice work, prodigalgodson! :cheers:
A belated major thank you Max! Glad you liked this one the most, it's my favorite too. I really appreciate you taking the time to check these out.

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