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World Cup, Season 3, Match QF-C: Japan vs Burkina Faso (Feb 6th)

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Post by mjf314 »

1. Kawaita hana
2. Sia, le rêve du python
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Post by funkybusiness »

1. Kawaita hana
2. Sia, le rêve du python

thanks country hosts for the picks
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Post by Fergenaprido »

Almost forgot to vote.

1. Sia, le reve du python
2. Kawaita hana

The Burnikabe film held my attention throughout. Can't say the same for the Japanese film.
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Mario Gaborović
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Post by Mario Gaborović »

Image Kawaita hana: 25
Image Sia, le rêve du python: 8

Deadline is over. Japan wins. Congratulations to monty. Also thanks to hurluberlu for his pick and the 33 people who voted this match.
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Post by Gershwin »

Dammit! Completely missed the deadline, as well as the idea there might be one soon. I'll try to join the next QF.
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