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World Cup, Season 5, Match 1E: France vs Denmark vs Tunisia vs Hungary vs Argentina (Apr 9th)

500<400, Favourite 1001 movies, Doubling the Canon, Film World Cup and many other votes
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World Cup, Season 5, Match 1E: France vs Denmark vs Tunisia vs Hungary vs Argentina (Apr 9th)


Post by joachimt »

This is match 1E of the fifth season of iCM Forum's Film World Cup.

CountryOriginal TitleEnglish TitleYearManagerIMDBICM
FranceLa traqueThe Track1975filmbanthalinklink
DenmarkDronningenQueen of Hearts2019toromashlinklink
TunisiaVHS - Kahloucha2006zzzorflinklink
HungaryTízezer napTen Thousand Days1967St. Gloedelinklink
ArgentinaRosaura a las 101958zhangalanlinklink

La traque


VHS - Kahloucha

Tízezer nap

Rosaura a las 10
Voting Rules:
- You must watch all 5 films before you vote.
- To vote, rank the 5 films from most favorite to least favorite. (note: you're ranking the individual films, not the countries)

Voting deadline = Apr 9th
Countdown till deadline

The countries that end at 1st and 2nd place proceed to the next round. The ranking of the match will be decided using these rules:
- Ranked by highest average ranking (= lowest number).
- In case of a tie between two movies, head-to-head determines the winner (how many people thought A>B and how many thought B>A).
- In case there's still a tie after the previous rule or there is a tie between more than two movies, most #1-votes determines the winner.
- Still a tie? Fewest #5-votes determines the winner.
- Still a tie? The match will have a 3 day extension (except when the tie is below #2).
Here's a quick summary of how the tournament works
We start with 40 films from 40 countries. Each country has a manager who determines which movie will be watched. In the first round the countries are divided into 8 groups of 5. From each group the countries that end up at #1 and #2 proceed to the next round. In the 2nd round the 16 remaining countries will be divided into 8 matches of 2. The managers pick a new movie. The winner of each match proceeds to the next round. This continues till the final.
iCM-list of all movies in this World Cup

List of all topics related to the World Cup including previous seasons
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Post by 72aicm »

A strong group. :thumbsup:

1. Dronningen (2019)
2. VHS - Kahloucha (2006)
3. La traque (1975)
4. Rosaura a las 10 (1958)
5. Tízezer nap (1967)
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Mario Gaborović
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Post by Mario Gaborović »

1. Image VHS - Kahloucha
2. Image La traque
3. Image Dronningen
4. Image Rosaura a las 10
5. Image Tízezer nap

Strongest group! and a new favourite from unlikely country.
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Post by hurluberlu »

1. Image Tízezer nap 7-
2. Image VHS - Kahloucha 6+
3. Image Rosaura a las 10 6
4. Image La traque 6-
5. Image Dronningen 5-
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Post by klaus78 »

1. Image Tízezer nap
2. Image La traque
3. Image Rosaura a las 10
4. Image VHS - Kahloucha
5. Image Dronningen
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St. Gloede
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Post by St. Gloede »

Was getting worried about Tízezer nap there, some recovery!
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