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World Cup Index

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World Cup Index


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Welcome to the iCM Forum World Cup! This originally was a tournament where we start with 48 countries, and they get eliminated until one country wins. There are 5 rounds and each round the winning films get replaced with other films from the same country. Each country is hosted by a manager who's responsible for picking the movies. A movie must have less than 1000 checks on iCM and has a runtime no longer than 180 minutes. A manager can't pick the same director multiple times for the same country. The first round the countries are divided in 16 groups of 3 countries. Every participants watches the movies and posts the order of their preference. The results will be calculated head-to-head. In case of a tie, the average ranking decides. In other rounds each match has two countries. The country with the most votes wins and continues to the next round. After seasons 1 we had several other seasons with slight changes in rules from one season to another, but the basics kept the same.

iCM-list of World Cup season 1
iCM-list of World Cup season 2
iCM-list of World Cup season 3
iCM-list of World Cup season 4
iCM-list of Managers Cup
iCM-list of World Cup season 5
World Cup Season 1
World Cup Season 2
World Cup Season 3
World Cup Season 4
Managers Cup
World Cup Season 5

Initial chit-chat
Manager sign-up
Round 1 schedule
Match 1A
Match 1B
Match 1C
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