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these strange things happen all the time

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Post by brokenface »

Gorro on Apr 11 2012, 03:07:45 AM wrote:Marthy Marcy May Marlene on the other end I loved. The fluidity with which the two timelines are interweaved is wonderful. The mystery and tension is carefully build to the nice climax. Elizabeth Olsen does a wonderful job as well. A wonderful way to spend 100 minutes.
I'm getting the sense you think it's wonderful :P
George Bailey
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Post by George Bailey »

intothewild on Apr 10 2012, 10:43:07 PM wrote:
amief on Apr 9 2012, 07:27:02 PM wrote:this makes me so happy!

also thanks to everyone for the support on starting this film log back up again. :D
Really glad I managed to encourage you to continue this thread. I'd love to see other members do it too. Burneyfan would be the best contender for it I think considering her interesting and detailed reviews. I'd do one myself but I haven't watched a film for a few weeks. :P
What about Rohit, James and Allison? They are all blogging ;)
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Post by amief »


i could honestly write volumes about the ending of this film. don't get me wrong i enjoyed the whole film but i just really really loved something about the ending. the whole "what is going to happen being closed doors" thing gets me every time.
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Post by amief »

i'm too lazy to link to anything but in the past week or so i've watched
  • blade runner - i loved it. science fiction will always be my best friend.
  • sherlock holmes: a game of shadows - i don't understand why people didn't like this one? i thought it was fantastic and it very much lives up to the stories and tellings of sherlock holmes. yes it was rather long but have you seen the novels? it was done extremely well and i loved every second.
  • silent things - a short film (it can be found on youtube or bbc website) which i really enjoyed.
  • monsieur lazhar - incredible film. i cried. it really explores how children react to things and it couldn't have been better.
one day i'll get better at reviewing things.
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