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2021 film logs of Lakigigar

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2021 film logs of Lakigigar


Post by Lakigigar »

This is my watchlist dedicated to this year. I hope to finish most of it this year, but might want to watch some other movies too (esp. more classic, more obscure or less demanding ones,

https://letterboxd.com/lakigigar/list/l ... watchlist/

What I want to rewatch (because I feel I have too or i just want too. I want to rewatch around 30 movies this year

https://letterboxd.com/lakigigar/list/l ... o-rewatch/

Some lists i'll participate in

Coming of Age
21st Century

1001 Favourite Films (annual)
Japan (recurring)
1970s (recurring)
1980s (recurring)
500<400 (annual)

Most likely not:
Directors (annual)

What i've seen so far (almost as many as in entire 2020 LOL):

The Beach Bum: 7/10
Mud: 8/10
Joker: 9/10
Green Room: 6/10 (*)
Baby Driver: 9/10
Hard Candy: 6/10
Goodfellas: 8/10 (*)

Midsommar: 10/10
Home: 10/10 (*)
Blade Runner: 10/10 (*)
Hereditary: 9/10
Ex Drummer: 9/10
Blade Runner 2049: 9/10
Calvaire: 8/10
Howl's Moving Castle: 8/10
The Big Lebowski: 8/10 (*)
La passion de Jeanne D'Arc: 6/10
Capharnaum: 4/10

Nightcrawler: 10/10 (*)
La haine: 9/10
WolfWalkers: 9/10
The Wicker Man: 9/10
Like Me: 9/10 (*)
Europa Report: 9/10
1917: 8/10
Lion: 7/10
Adrift: 4/10
Seul contre tous: 4/10
Snatch: 1/10 (a contendor for the worst film i've ever seen)

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: 5/10 (*)
Martyrs: 4/10
Walkabout: 8/10
Perfect Blue: 8/10

(*) = rewatch
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Post by Coryn »


This belong here I think
I saved Latin, what did you ever do ?
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Post by Lakigigar »

Coryn wrote: February 16th, 2021, 10:02 pm viewtopic.php?f=2&t=5256

This belong here I think
I didn't know that. Yes, you can move it there.
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Post by Lakigigar »

What i'm planning to watch in march
On Body and Soul
Son of Saul
Liza the Fox-Fairy
[Princess Mononoke]
Spirited Away
Hotaru no Haka
My neighbor Totoro
The Wind Rises
Kiki's Delivery Service
Wolf Children
Le Meraviglie
We Are The Flesh
Blood Machines
Kaili Blues
Long Day's Journey into Night
Black Coal, Thin Ice
The Wild Goose Lake
Suzhou He
Mary and Max
Your Name
Angel's Egg
The Secret of Kells
Love Exposure
Once Upon A Time in America
Color Out of Space
Uncut Gems
Picnic at Hanging Rock
The Bad Batch
Bone Tomahawk
Brawl in Cell Block 99
Knives Out
Mysterious skin
Tokyo Tribe
The Rover
Personal Shopper
Suspiria 2018
Under the Silver Lake
The House That Jack Built
You Were Never Really Here
Funeral Parade of Roses
Witchfinder General
Raise the Red Lantern
Don't Look Now
As Tears Go By
Days of Being Wild
Ashes of Time
Chungking Express
Fallen Angels
Happy Together
In the Mood for Love
2046 (2004)
My Blueberry Nights (2007)
The Grandmaster
Focus will be on Kar-Wai Wong and essential Ghibli's / animations (2 of them being rewatches), and mostly a selection of movies i want to see for a long time. I've never seen a Chinese movie, so I hope this will sort of change with like 6 Chinese films? (and more if you count HK). Also a very slight focus on Hungary.

Could see more, but this is what I want to watch at the very least.
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