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¶ Short of the Day #112: Le stagioni

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¶ Short of the Day #112: Le stagioni


Post by Perception de Ambiguity » June 8th, 2017, 10:39 am

"Short of the Day" is the daily discussion of a short.

1) Watch.
2) Discuss.
3) Send me your suggestions for the next Short of the Day per PM, along with links to the shorts and comments, questions for the other users to think about, and/or info about the short.

Detailed project introduction & index: here


Le stagioni (Franco Piavoli, 1961) :ICM: :imdb:

Length: 27 minutes 48 seconds

Suggested by: Perception de Ambiguity

The theme of this tone poem is easily summarized: Life throughout the seasons ("le stagioni" is Italian for "seasons"), as it adjusts to them, transforms, is shaped by them. Made very early into Franco Piavoli’s career, I think if you can see past the faded 8mm and the very basic muffled soundtrack (I don't know if it always looked and sounded like that or if time and temperatures, fittingly, did their part, but I think it works) this shows an already fully realized artist. I was most impressed by how he structured those early 8mm works of his editorially, and 'Le stagioni' in particular, which is already a blueprint for Piavoli's own feature length 'Il pianeta azzurro' made 20 years later. There is an inner logic to it that just feels natural and is beautiful, and the way he moves through the seasons and different weathers is seamless and feels effortless in its subtle transitions.
Warning: The film won't resonate much with people who consider nature to be Satan's church.

Comments by: Perception de Ambiguity
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Post by Carmel1379 » June 8th, 2017, 11:10 pm

Perception de Ambiguity on Jun 8 2017, 01:26:40 PM wrote:Image
The difficulties of catching the attention of someone that will comment.

It's a bit too-long-a-short for me to watch right now, but I'll probably have time tomorrow; we'll see how well Piavoli captures 4 seasons of a collective cry of all the things that are to die.

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