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Game of Thrones

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Re: Game of Thrones


Post by peeptoad » September 5th, 2019, 1:04 pm

I was careful not to read past page 8 or so in this thread since I haven't seen season 8 yet. I just finished s7 last week and wanted to voice a few prelim thoughts:

Of the main character slate Arya is my favorite... pretty easily (and she has been seen season 1). I also quite like Tyrion. And, although he was a slimeball of the highest order, I really liked Petyr Baelish. Aiden Gillen did a fantastic job with the character; love the way he was played him with all his little mannerisms and manipulations and hidden emotions. Also like The Hound... waiting to see what ultimately happens with him. Joffrey was my favorite character to hate, although Ramsay Snow got close.

There was a noticeable drop off after season 5 for me... a slight decline maybe during season 5 as compared to 1-4 (I assume due to lack of material from the books since they weren't available), but 6 was noticeably weaker until the penultimate episode. The Battle of the Bastards and the Sept exploding were the absolute highlights of 6. Season 7 was decent. I enjoyed it more than almost any other TV series I've seen, but it was still lesser than what preceded it.
I suspect season 8 might disappoint me since it seemed to incur the wrath of the devout fans... we'll see. I'm waiting until after the Oct challenge to go there. Can't have anything interfering with the horror flicks.

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