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Librivox audiobooks about cinema

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Librivox audiobooks about cinema


Post by mathiasa » February 25th, 2020, 3:20 pm

I made this topic/thread to point to the the free librivox.org books that are about cinema, movies or Hollywood. As far as I see, there are at the moment three such books. Maybe there are others who are interested in them.

The Eyes of the Movie by Harry Alan Potamkin

A socialist's view on Hollywood's film industry. But the criticism is actually quite valide as it is anti-censorship and anti involvement by government. In other words, the critic is ironically not socialistic. The book is very short and highly recommended.

The Art of the Moving Picture by Vachel Lindsay

This book is generally considered the the first book of film criticism. This makes it very important and this alone should be a reason for movie enthusiast to wanna consume it. It's also interesting how serious *they* took movies in the 1910s already. Nowadays, for some people a movie from 1915 is the same as a movie from 1920. Quite enlightening to see it from the perspective of someone writing in 1915 (original publishing)/1922 (the edition the audiobook is based on).

Also, I made an ICM list of all (at least those i catched) the movies mentioned in the book: The Art of the Moving Picture by Vachel Lindsay
As I've listened to the audiobook at double speed and the Librivox speakers are amateur volunteers, it's likely the list has mistakes. If you find any, please inform me. If you'd rather read it, it's for free on Gutenberg.

The Sins of Hollywood by Ed Roberts

A sensationalist collections of Hollywood gossip. The chapter "Making Sodom Look Sick" has a story about a party where two dogs are married and then they let them copulate. And about sex orgies. The last chapter "The Girl Who Wanted Work" is like precursor to the #metoo movement. It's about an aspiring actress rejecting a sex offer and getting blacklisted for it.

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