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My Top 100 Tracks

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Re: My Top 100 Tracks


Post by Armoreska » June 14th, 2019, 5:03 pm

You sure got a weird list, even weirder than Carmel's. Many of these tracks dont register that well with me.
Enjoyed these even though some of them I did hear before:
Minnie Riperton - Les Fleur
Harvey Averve Dozen - You're No Good
Harmonia - Watussi
P Funk All Stars - Hydraulic Pump
Womack & Womack - Love Wars
Serious Intention - Serious - heard a gnarly sample in Didier Sinclair - Lovely Flight
Kwame - Ownlee Eue - this sounds like Unfinished Symphony but has nothing to do with it?
Theo Parrish - Falling Up - so good, this is the first track from this artist for me, but he's on the wishlist
(apart from some usual suspects that were more rare on your list than the rare stuff)
props on including Stevie Wonder's As. Top 2000 material for me.
For me E2.E4 would be out of bounds to be considered a "track". it's an album.
Alexander Robotnik - Problemes D'Amour - you posted the remix here.
your post top 100 stuff is more relateable than the actual top 100!
currently working towards a vegan/low waste world + thru such film lists (besides TV): 2010s bests, RW Fassbinder, Luis Bunuel, Yasujiro Ozu, Eric Rohmer, Visual Effects nominees, kid-related stuff, great animes (mini-serie or feature), very 80s movies, 17+ sci-fi lists on watchlist, ENVIRO, remarkable Silent Films and Pre-Code (exploring 1925 atm) and every shorts and docu list I'm aware of and
and "Gordon" Liu Chia-Hui/Liu Chia-Liang and Yuen Woo-ping and "Sammo" Hung Kam-bo

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