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Post by Gershwin »

XxXApathy420XxX on Jan 31 2018, 07:41:13 PM wrote:
maxwelldeux on Jan 31 2018, 07:40:19 PM wrote:
XxXApathy420XxX on Jan 31 2018, 04:02:02 PM wrote:Geez having kids definitely sounds like fun :yucky:
Hence my vasectomy... :whistling:
If I end up with a woman I might do the same tbh
Sorry to bring this, but they're definitely worth all the sleepless nights and the cleaning up and the lost time. Kids are definitely the best thing that ever happened to me. Besides some sleep now and then, maybe. :P
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Post by Lakigigar »

I typically sleep 8 hours, sometimes more. I tend to have a difficult time waking up, and it is one of the reasons why i'm currently not working or studying... Other main reason is social anxiety / anxiety problems, and there might be other reasons as well.

I don't nap during the day, never have done it, though technically i've been able to sleep during the noon, i even often do, but if i sleep in the noon, it's just usually regular sleep, because i'm awake at night.

I'm not sure what you mean by binging (i don't like to bingewatch though), but i skip nights very often. I've definitely had times where i skipped two nights in a row, but at a certain moment, i will probably try asleep anyway (in a seat), and i do not tend to like it. I lack structure and rhythm (just as with anything). I'm too clusterfucked and chaotic lol. I need my sleep... but when i haven't sleeped during the day, i'm often tired, but usually tend to get more awake when night approaches or when i'm active, and I can function back again. I'm a deep sleeper, but i tend not to move or make noise when asleep. The worst place where i've felt asleep was outside as a child in the grass (forgetting that it may get cold at night..., even during summer or whatever season it was) or on some kind of stairs in a chapel...

My dreams are very weird, abstract and the experience is often very intense, but in reality the dream might not be very intense. You tend to think more did happen than what actually did happen, just like you always get the feeling that dreams do take a really long time, while in reality they're really short-lived. The record amount of dreams i've remembered in one night was 5 dreams, and i think i might have had even more dreams that night. I sometimes dream lucidly. It tends to work best... when i get awake, decided to keep laying in bed and fall asleep back again (that's often gold...). I can even daydream, and the daydream will eventually transition into a dream, but i can also transition my daydream into a lucid dream but than i have to intentionally do that. I tend to dream and than recognize that i'm dreaming, or directly transition a daydream into a lucid dream, and moving from a state of awakeness to sleep, but it works best when you're tired but have slept, not when you're too awake or when you're tired. I also have the ability to continue a dream if i suddenly waked up... Some might be angry because a nice dream just ended... but i can fall asleep again, and be back to the part where i got awake, and lose suggestivity, and the dream can continue... Sometimes i can be micro-awake as well. I know that i once answered a phone call, but felt immediately asleep again during the call, not saying something, but i still remember to press the answer button, and i felt immediately back again asleep... . All kind of weird stuff... not to mention my even more weirder dreams. I've had dreams that made totally not sense, or feel otherworldy, but my dreams are also vague, not logic, very abstract, and ignore some basic aspects. In some way, it feels like there is no speech in my dream or that i never hear something, but that you "imagine" that you hear something, but than again, that might be the concept of a dream... . I've had clear communication through texts though in dreams, and maybe not in speech or through hearing. I'm also sometimes so impressed with the design capability of my dreams, and i tend to realize that i might not have those skills in reality... Some concepts in my dreams are so original, that i would never make them up in my real-life. I totally can get that you can create ideas based on your dreams, but you definitely need to tweak them... because dreams only exist out of frameworks. I also think a dream is so personal, that you might need a dream translation if you want to understand someone's elses dream, because a dream in someone's mind is probably so different than when you would experience the same dream, because of culture distinctions, other and hidden meanings, how you perceive persons and objects compared to others, and that's why some dream might be experienced in a different way, than if someone else would experience the same dream. If you're really good in understanding the dream language of a certain person, you might uncover someone's secrets, and fix some people, especially for people that would not talk or give little to no sensible information, their dreams might offer an alternative.

I might have delayed sleep phase syndrome, i'm not sure, but i often tend to get to bed at really late times (4 am, but it might be earlier, or even (much) later. Sometimes i can also have n24 phases, but i don't have permanent n24, but i had times where i've had a pattern of n24 where i tend to get to bed every day later and later until i'm back at where i usually was, and which is absolutely not healthy.
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Post by Reflect »

Usually get about 7 hours. Was probably getting 5 on average during my first year of college. I never nap unless I’m sick.
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Post by AdamH »

I've started waking up at 7 instead of 7:30 because my new flatmate wakes up at 7 (or earlier) and I can hear him in the kitchen. Yet to go to bed earlier to adjust to waking up earlier so not getting enough sleep. Probably about 7 hours a night but I was getting 8+ at one point and could notice a big difference.

TLDR - Hooray for sleep
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Post by OldAle1 »

Before my mom went into the hospital on October 1, 2019, I typically was waking up at 7-8 - sometimes earlier if she needed help, occasionally later, and going to sleep around 1230-1. Over the 2 weeks she was in the hospital before her death, my brother and I were staying at a motel a couple of blocks away, and I got used to getting up earlier - in part because he always got up earlier, though we were both drinking a lot and frequently weren't very lively through the day. After that the pattern of waking up early basically continued - though the drinking cut way down, thankfully (in fact now it's rare I can finish 2 beers, which I guess is a good think overall) - and I've generally evolved into a routine of waking up between 530-630 AM and going to sleep between 10 and 11 PM. Which is fine given the way my life is unfolding currently with no particular time commitments, but it's still a little weird to think about - I was a night owl for my whole life until a year and a half ago and now I get up earlier than anybody I know.
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Post by kongs_speech »

Brutal run of nightmares last night / this morning.
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Post by tazz_85 »

Usually i get about 6.5 hours of sleep in a typical work week. Weekends are about 7 to 7.5 hours of sleep. That's enough for me
During school and in the first few years when i went to work, i only got about 5.5-6 hours of sleep, untill i realised that wasn't enough. Changed my bad habits (going to sleep very late in weekends->i slept from 4 am to 10am) and now i'm going to bed the same hour, every day. I have no trouble at all with getting to sleep :)
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