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The Double Feature Game

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The Double Feature Game


Post by Hunziker » December 31st, 2018, 12:10 am

Here's a game we've been playing with a couple of friends on WhatsApp for a while now.

You pick one film you're planning to see (or two, or a whole list, whatever). You post it/them.

The next person selects one of your picks and pairs it with an appropiate companion.

You watch both movies as a double feature.

Come back and repeat.

Feel free to propose new rules or game-modes. The selection of the second feature might be thematic, director-based, actor-based or otherwise based on any criteria that'll make a fun double feature experience.

I'll start:

Sans soleil (1983) or
Cineastes contra Magnats (2005) or
Starman (1984)
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