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Best of 2020

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Post by kongs_speech »

I generally dislike A.O. Scott's writing, but that's a pretty fantastic #1 choice. I love that they both recognized American Utopia.
Quartoxuma wrote: A deeply human, life-affirming disgusting check whore.
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St. Gloede
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Post by St. Gloede »

brokenface wrote: December 11th, 2020, 1:17 pm
St. Gloede wrote: December 11th, 2020, 1:04 pm And the 2020 toplist time is officially open!

Not seen most of the films from the list so definitely a lot to explore for me.

Slightly disappointed by the country of origin set-up there. The entire top 9 is UK/US, and 36/50 is English language -32/50 being US/US - the other English language films: 2 Australian, 1 Irish, 1 Canadian.

Given how International the coverage for Sight and Sound is, that is a bit surprising.
I do think they actively pushing for diversity in some ways though, e.g. majority of top 10 directed by women is pretty notable.
I did not read the intro in the magazine until now - both instances - more films directed by women than men in the top 10, and more English language films than "expected" both seemed to surprise them. In terms of the former they cited that cinema was getting more diverse and starting too look more like the real world - coupled with a more diverse writing staff. On the latter there were two hypothesised.

1. That English-language cinema was exceptionally strong.
2. That the contributing critics had not been able to be exposed to the same number of 2020 foreign language films due to Covid closing most of the festivals they would normally attend.

I would be inclined to believe it is the latter, and as the 120 contributing critics are likely based in the UK the overlaps in UK cinema are perhaps even more understandable than before.
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Post by xianjiro »

Obgeoff wrote: December 15th, 2020, 9:09 pm
brokenface wrote: December 15th, 2020, 7:45 pm https://criticstop10.com/
Nice site, thank you for the link. If it wasn't heavily weighted to North American movies it would be perfect.
Yes, thanks for this link. This year I didn't have the energy to try and compile from all the lists people have posted, but this is certainly good enough for my current needs.

I've added their Best of 2020 compiled Top 50 to iCM. I just did quick searches and while I think it's mostly accurate, criticstop10 doesn't provide any links or info past the top 10, so it's possible I got one or two wrong. PM me if you find something and I'll research. Thanks.
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