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Il ferroviere AKA Man of Iron (1956) FotW #339

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Il ferroviere AKA Man of Iron (1956) FotW #339


Post by Cocoa » June 28th, 2020, 5:26 pm

Film of the Week #339: Il ferroviere AKA Man of Iron AKA The Railroad Man (1956)


The railroad engineer Andrea Marcocci has been working with his partner and friend Gigi Liverani for thirty years and feels happy and proud with his work, drinking wine after hours with his friends in a bar owned by the former railroad man Ugo. Andrea is married with Sara and his young son Sandro is very close to him; however Andrea has issues with his unemployed son Marcello and with his pregnant daughter Giulia, whose boy-friend Renato Borghi was forced to marry her. When a suicidal crosses the tracks of his train in a curve,
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Andrea feels deeply affected by the accident and almost collides with another train. The railroad company investigates the accident and steps Andrea down from his position. The domestic life of Andrea is also affected by his aggressive behavior and Marcello and Giulia leave home. Later Andrea also leaves home and starts to drink until the day Sandro visits his father in a bar.

#860 on 1000<400, with 118 checks.
Nominated by 72aicm, joachimt, and Minkin.
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#860(⇧26, #886) Il ferroviere (1956)
[Man of Iron]

Directed by: Pietro Germi
(178.65 Pts, 8 Votes) , Top 1–10–50: 0–0–1
History: 86088613771600905NA←NA
ICheckMovies: 107 Checks , 14 Favourites , 3 Official lists
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burneyfan (40)
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