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The Golden Globe and Academy Award live thread - 2019

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Re: The Golden Globe and Academy Award live thread - 2019


Post by Shagrrotten » January 27th, 2019, 2:41 am

That feels like more of your sarcastic feelings about everyone else’s thoughts than it really feels like thought s of your own. I know that you didn’t grow up with these characters or stories and so have less connection to them than someone like me, but I would still like to hear your real thoughts on it as a movie, not as a thing other people are talking about.

For my part, conversationally, like I said before I think making Thanos the main character is what sets this movie apart. And essentially making him a Trump figure of narcissism and presenting himself like he’s the only one who’s willing and able to make the tough choices to fix the problems in the galaxy, while also making him physically and intellectually powerful enough to do it, makes for a compelling narrative structure. Obviously it’s still ultimately a big dumb action movie, but I felt like it was a good one. Well motivated, with character moments for most of the main characters, again especially Thanos. His scene of getting the soul stone with Gamora actually made me tear up because you see a little bit into how deep his psychosis goes, that he does love her AND is willing to sacrifice her. You may make fun of it as faux deep, but I don’t dismiss it so easily. I don’t see a reason to.

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Post by OldAle1 » January 27th, 2019, 2:52 am

I get that its *somewhat* interesting as a concept, but it just didn't feel very well worked-out to me, and I'm sorry, having a motivation such as he shows just doesn't cut it - yes, you can say that it makes a point about environmentalism, but I just don't see the value of a godlike, all-powerful, alien being's view on environmentalism, it doesn't really connect to our world in any meaningful way beyond "oh, like, maybe that means we should conserve and not have so many babies and shit". To me it felt very third-grade, which in and of itself wouldn't make it awful but combined with the endless battles and this need to shoehorn dozens of characters into an ultimately pointless story (unless, maybe, some of those characters are really dead forever?? OH NO!!) is pure money-grubbing and if it serves a story interest, it's just not an interesting or compelling one to me.

And actually for what its worth I DID grow up on some of these characters - Thor and Doctor Strange were two of my favorite characters as a kid, and I always thought the idea of the "epic" cosmic battle with lots of heroes for the FATE OF THE UNIVERSE was cool. Until I realized that it wasn't - and that it had been done many, many times by the time I read Marvel Superheroes Secret Wars and DC's Crisis on Infinite Earths in the 90s. So yeah, I have at least a little knowledge of this stuff and connection to it, and I bet you don't have a copy of this


along with most of the rest of that series sitting in your closet.

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Post by Shagrrotten » January 27th, 2019, 3:11 am

I don’t think that’s the point it was trying to make. I don’t think we’re meant to think Thanos is right. We’re not meant to think of genocide as a viable solution. I think the point is that bullies and narcissists can too often impose their will on those in less powerful positions simply because of their class or status or political or military positions. People in those positions can make decisions that affect all of us (except for them, because nothing changes for Thanos, does it? Unless by chance his snap were to take himself out, which would be too ironic to be acceptable I think) without our input, without our voices to be heard. Those in power are not typically an altruistic Captain America or Superman figure and just like the “who watches the watchmen?” storyline of Civil War, they don’t always have our interests or the law in mind, or maybe even any checks and balances in place to mitigate their impact.

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Post by esiersdale » January 31st, 2019, 8:06 pm

I'm trying to make a push and see all 52 movies that were nominated for an Academy Award, ideally before the ceremony on the 24th. I've seen about half to date and have plans to see most of the others, but am struggling on finding a place in Boston to see the below films. Some are in the gap between cinema release and DVD while others I have no clue where to find (especially Never Look Away & Mirai no Mirai). Any tips would be super helpful

Mirai no Mirai 
Mary Queen of Scots 
Hale County This Morning, This Evening 
Never Look Away 

Nathan Treadway
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Post by Nathan Treadway » January 31st, 2019, 8:28 pm

Shoplifters will be on DVD in a couple weeks (before the ceremony)

I haven't figured out the rest of those, either.. I'm pretty much looking for the same ones you are.

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Post by Timec » January 31st, 2019, 8:43 pm

Never Look Away is opening in some theaters here in the Washington DC area in two weeks, so it might hit your area around the same time.

Edit: I have no idea if this is accessible for you, but it looks like Capernaum is playing at the Landmark theatre in Cambridge.

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