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What are your strange list coincidences?

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What are your strange list coincidences?


Post by beasterne »

Not sure if this will be an interesting topic or not, but I noticed something strange on my official lists the other day: there are 6 different lists where I have seen exactly 23 films on the list. They are:

BFI's 100 Road Movies (23/100)
BFI's 100 Westerns (23/100)
TSPDT's 100 Essential Noir Films (23/100)
BFI Flare's The Best LGBTQ+ Films of All Time (23/105)
BFI's 100 Documentary Films (23/100)
Harvard's Suggested Film Viewing: Non-Fiction (23/122)

I also find the types of lists interesting. They are all surveys of a certain "genre" of movies, but except for the two documentary lists they each cover separate ground. I haven't focused on any of these lists in particular--it seems like this just happened due to trying to watch movies that are on lots of official lists in general.

Anyway, what are your weird list coincidences?
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